The Apple Watch, With the Help of this Ingenious Invention, May Now Function as an iPod

Articles regarding product ideas are published on our site on a regular basis. These ideas almost never become reality, but it’s still interesting to speculate about what’s on the horizon.

We are all aware that the Apple Watch is capable of playing back musical content. But Joyce Kange, a designer working at the CO Design Lab company, made the decision to bring back something from the past and expand upon this feature.

How would you choose an Apple Watch that gives you a new way to use an iPod and also has some features from the first iPod?

Apple was the company that developed and marketed the portable media player known as the iPod. Some people may not remember it. As a direct successor to the iPod Mini, the model of the first generation was shown to the public in the year 2005. The music player was formally terminated by the Cupertino company in the summer of 2017, after going through a number of versions throughout the course of its production history.

The designer gave his product the moniker “Pod Case” when he decided to give it a new spin on an old idea.

The smartwatch slides inside a capsule that was specifically created for it, where it assumes the push-bottom controls of an iPod and the recognizable wheel for navigation. However, in addition to this, several new functionalities are incorporated into the concept. There is a dedicated recess for the Digital Crown, and the touch panel may be used to navigate between songs and playlists. In addition to that, the designer has tacked on a wireless charging pad to the whole thing.

It is obvious that the idea was inspired by the iPod Nano of the sixth generation, which, among its many characteristics, was developed around a square touch-screen that had a high resolution. It was also possible to wear it on the arm in the form of a bracelet.

Fans of Apple’s portable music player, the iPod, have not given up hope that the company will revive the product. However, this incredibly innovative new concept case could very well be the next best possible thing.

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