The Approach S62 GPS golf watch has been unveiled by Garmin

The Approach S62 is a new GPS golf watch that was just introduced by Garmin today. In comparison to its predecessor, the S60, this model has a more substantial battery life, a larger display, and a few newly added capabilities.

 The start of the year has been quiet for the corporation, and there were no significant announcements made at CES 2020. This came as a shock considering that, in the past, it had debuted new products at the Las Vegas conference.

However, it looks like things are about to pick up gear this week with the introduction of the Tactix Delta watch. Following this, the scratch-resistant ceramic Approach S62 golfers’ watch was released today.

  • The watch is essentially an updated model of the Approach S60 that was previously available. It comes with some beneficial additions, including the following:
  • It has a larger display than the model it replaces, measuring 1.3 inches rather than 1.2 inches.Additionally, the resolution has been increased from 240 by 240 pixels to 260 by 260 pixels.
  • In addition to the most recent Garmin Elevate heart rate monitor, there is also a Pulse Ox sensor.
  • Features relating to the heart rate have been added, including HR Zones, HR alerts, HR calories, a percentage of HR max, a percentage of HRR, and HR Broadcast.
  • Physiological Trueup exercises and manual laps
  • Tracking your body’s battery life and stress levels throughout the day
  • Garmin Pay
  • Find My Watch and In-App Purchases Sunrise and sunset times
  • In smartwatch mode, the battery life is good for 14 days (versus 10 days on the S60). The addition of GPS brings this total down to 20 hours, which is more than twice as long as the 10 hours offered by the S60.

It should come as no surprise that there is a wide variety of equipment available to make your round of golf more enjoyable. This includes a total of 41,000 preset courses, in addition to features like the PlaysLike Distance option. Additionally, Garmin has developed a product known as the Virtual Caddie, which provides information such as which club to use and where to aim. In order to accomplish this, it takes into account a variety of parameters, including the speed of the wind, the layout of the course, and the normal distance you cover with each club.

The Approach S62 is the only watch on the market that provides golfers with access to important golfing information, and it does so in a stylish way that transcends beyond the confines of the clubhouse.

The Approach S62 is equipped with the capacity to instantly change into a caddie who is familiar with you and 41,000 courses located all over the world thanks to our newly integrated Virtual Caddie and detailed course maps.

In the event that you are unable to see the pin, the S62 will indicate the direction in which you should shoot. GreenView and Go Green are tools that assist with yardage accuracy, while Hazard View provides an overview of areas to steer clear of.

Launch the Garmin Golf app for further analysis and information. By doing so, you will have access to your handicap index through the new golf performance widget, as well as your fairway, approach shot hit/miss percentage, percentage of greens hit in regulation, and analysis for strokes gained. The software also has a social component, allowing users to compete against one another in various tournaments and leaderboards.

Starting today, you can purchase the Approach S62 at for the price of $4999.99. It comes with Quickfit bands, which allow you to adapt the watch to your preferences using a variety of materials, including leather, silicone, nylon, and titanium.

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