The bat swing sensor offered by Garmin features an integrated display that provides real-time data

The unveiling of a bat swing sensor equipped with an on-device display that provides real-time feedback after each swing has been announced by Garmin.

Baseball, the most popular spectator sport in the United States, is not exactly leading the pack when it comes to connected technology. Just recently, a few new products have emerged on the market with the intention of boosting your performance to a higher level. The Impact Bat Sensor from Garmin is the most recent product to join this illustrious company’s lineup.

You will only need to create a profile and connect your device before you can start playing. The sensor has a flexible rubber mount that allows you to attach it to the butt of your bat so that it can provide you with a variety of stats. This consists of the speed of the bat, the speed of the hand, the time to impact, the elevation angle, and the attack angle.

Memory-in-pixel (MIP) screens with a resolution of 128 by 128 pixels that are transflective and visible in direct sunlight are the most notable innovation in such a device. It measures 18.5 millimeters on each side and displays all of these statistics in real time.

Utilizing the companion smartphone app might help you improve your swing even further. In addition, it generates 3D swing trajectories and gives extra analysis. After each of your first three swings, you will also receive advice and practise drills from PGA professionals. Even video of your swings that you’ve shot with the app may be analyzed with it.

According to Dan Bartel, vice president of worldwide sales for Garmin, “Garmin has seen great success with our other sports products, such as the golf swing sensor, so the addition of the Impact bat swing sensor to the performance training market seemed like a natural fit.” Garmin’s other sports products include the golf swing sensor. “

“Whether you’re playing baseball or softball, or coaching players, the on-device display and aural cues on the Impact bat swing sensor allow batters to rapidly make modifications so that when it’s game time, they can step up to the plate with confidence,” said the company that makes the sensor.

Due to the sensor’s low weight of only 34 grams, you will hardly even notice that it is attached to your bat. You are able to change the parameters so that they can be used with several players and a variety of bats. The Impact Bat Sensor is available for $149.99 from This sensor has a battery life of up to 10 hours, and it has an IPX7 classification for its resistance to water.

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