The Beddit Sleep Monitor from Apple Has Been Updated with a New Version

A recent application with the FCC provided a hint that Apple may be working on something, and now it has been confirmed. A brand new version of the Beddit sleep tracker has recently been released by the company based in Cupertino. Version 3.5 includes a few minor design adjustments as well as an updated application.

This is the very first updated Beddit sleep monitor to be released since Apple’s acquisition of the Finland-based company Beddit in May 2017. You can purchase it right now from the Apple Store for the price of $149.95.

This generation of the device brings technology to your mattress and provides insights into your sleeping patterns just like the previous ones. The 3.5 model is a tiny strip of 2 millimetres that may be slipped under your bed sheet. This is the location where the piezo force sensor, capacitive touch sensor, humidity sensor, and temperature sensor all do their jobs. Beddit does not come into contact with your skin, and once it is installed, it does not require any additional effort. The sensor pod on the new version is a little bit smaller, and the length of the connection has been cut from 3 meters to 2.4 meters.

The app will provide you with information on the length of your sleep, when you went to bed, how long it took you to fall asleep, how long you were awake, how long you spent away from the bed when you woke up, how much time you spent snoring, and how well you slept. You are also able to establish daily bedtime and sleep time goals with the new program.

A lot of people were hopeful that Apple would introduce a sleep tracking feature to the Apple Watch in September 2018. Sadly, the battery life of the Series 4 has not increased to the point where it would justify the addition of a native sleep app. It looks like this feature will not be added to Apple’s wristwatch for at least another year or two.

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