The Best Activity and Fitness Tracking Ring: A Review of the Motiv Fitness Tracking Ring

My suggestion would be the Motiv Fitness Monitoring Ring from MyMotiv if you are searching for an activity tracking ring that not only looks amazing but also functions as a remarkably accurate activity/fitness and sleep tracker.

In this piece, I will spend some time discussing this topic.

The field of health and fitness has been completely transformed by the introduction of wearable technologies. Because doing so would enable you to switch your concentration, it is no longer necessary for you to have an activity tracker on your phone at all times. It all began with smartwatches and eventually expanded to include smart wrist bands. These devices would monitor your calorie intake, keep track of how well you slept, and also remind you to engage in regular exercise routines. On the other hand, it was discovered that they were sometimes cumbersome and unwieldy, so it was impossible to wear them constantly. People were left wishing for the exact same experience, but in a more compact and streamlined design.

The Best Ring for Tracking Your Activities and Fitness

The Motiv Ring is a tracker for your sleep, fitness, and activities.

All of the beneficial aspects of activity bands have been included into a product that is more comfortable to wear thanks to the introduction of smart rings that measure activity.

People who felt that the bulkiness of a watch interfered with their activities will find that this solution works well.

Furthermore, for those who preferred the appearance of a less obvious wearable

There are a great number of smartwatches, but after researching the market, we decided that the Motiv ring was the most suitable option for someone looking for a fitness ring.

An Analysis of the MyMotiv Motiv Fitness Tracking Ring

One of the smart rings that started this whole smart ring craze was the Motiv ring from MyMotiv. It was introduced in 2017, and because of its very elegant design and lightweight comfort, it caused a storm in the industry almost immediately after it was released.

The width of the ring is just 8 millimeters, and it fits quite nicely on your finger. Because it is available in slate grey, silver, and rose gold, you won’t even have to make a concession when it comes to style.

This smart ring’s style is without a doubt going to be one of the most important selling points, but it also delivers in terms of the functionality it provides.

This activity monitoring ring has a fitness tracker module that can function as a pedometer and will record your steps, active minutes, distance traveled, and the amount of time you spend sleeping.

The ring is equipped with its own optical heart rate sensor, giving it the ability to monitor not only its own but also your own heart rate.

It has a battery life of around five days, which is rather astounding considering how ingeniously small it is.

In addition, the ring has been shown to be waterproof up to 50 meters. The Motiv ring is compatible with both Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android operating systems when it comes to smartphones.

The creators are constantly adding new capabilities to the ring, such as allowing you to manage various aspects of your phone by using gestures. Additionally, new features are being developed all the time.

In the following categories, we have provided a summary of how well the Motiv performed.


Because of its streamlined appearance and lightweight titanium construction, the Motiv has a weight that belies its impressive portability.

It is available in three different colors: black, silver, and rose gold.

It is attractive and comfortable to wear on your finger at the same time. The fact that the ring is far less cumbersome to wear than, for example, a fitness watch or a smart band, makes it much simpler to carry out all of your activities.

It also eliminates the need to take occasional glances at your wearable device, which helps you maintain your concentration on the task at hand.

In summary, the design incorporates all of the elements that would motivate you to prioritize purchasing an activity monitoring ring above the other options now available on the market.

Although the ring is long-lasting and impervious to water, you should still exercise caution when handling it since it scratches quite readily.

Although I had heard that certain colors may have flaking after just a short amount of time, I had not had this problem with the color that I possessed up until now (Silver).

Where exactly can I get it?

The best location to get it is through this particular seller on Amazon, where you can do so for the price of 199.99 dollars right now.

The iOS app that I used in conjunction with the ring offers a dashboard that is both highly intriguing and very thorough.

There is also an Android app available for the ring, but I did not test it out.

Analytical summaries of the data that the ring monitors and collects from you are shown on the

It shows the standard ones like sleep, activity, and heart rate, in addition to different alerts depending on the choices you make for your exercise.

The process of syncing your Motiv with the app is a fascinating one since it involves twisting the ring a few times, and then there is a little flash of light that indicates that the sync is complete.

The application provides a clean and organized display of the data, which makes it instinctive and simple to explore.

The software, in general, is not very advanced and does not provide a lot of customization options. Nonetheless, it can be connected with your phone quite simply and it is extremely easy to use.

You don’t have to sync with the app too often, which is another thing that I think is fantastic about it. The ring will save your activity data for a period of up to 5 days, and whenever you sync it, it will download the information that it has been storing for that time period.

There is no need for you to have your phone with you at all times for the ring to be able to monitor your motion!

Because it is continuously being updated, you can see that Motiv is working to make the app better, and although I wasn’t completely satisfied with it, on the whole I was pleased with it.

Additionally, compatibility with Apple Health and Google Fit is included with the Ring.

The sensors are located on the bottom of the ring, and all of the sensors, including those that monitor heart rate and sleep, continually gather data throughout the day.

This not only makes the data more precise, but it also captures the changes and pulsing of your activity rate, such as the highs and lows that occur when you are exercising.

It keeps track of your resting heart rate in addition to your maximal heart rate. The three-axis accelerometer allows for the tracking of active minutes as well as calories expended, and it is compatible with a wide variety of activities.

The Motiv makes the most of the opportunity presented by displaying data in the form of active minutes rather than a step count.

The reasoning for this is that a benchmark that is assessed in active minutes as opposed to a benchmark that is measured in steps presents a higher standard for healthy exercise.

I have to confess that I was taken aback by how well this little device was able to monitor my activities, and I do not say that lightly.

My pulse rate was detected quite accurately by the Motiv ring, and the information it supplied about my sleep habits was both helpful and accurate.

In addition, the distance that was tracked throughout my runs was quite precise in comparison to the other, more expensive fitness watches that I possess.

In general, the capabilities of this ring to monitor things are not to be taken lightly, and I found myself really pleased by them.

The Motiv has an outstanding battery life, as it can last up to three days without needing to be recharged (for me it lasted for 3 and a half days).

The provided USB cord has a charging duration of around one hour and ninety minutes.

The Motiv Ring is a piece of technology that places a strong emphasis on design. It is very practical whilst being exceptionally lightweight and simple to wear.

It solves problems like charging and synchronizing applications in a way that is pretty simple and uncomplicated, which makes switching from a watch to a ring a really pleasant experience.

It is without a doubt my top choice for the best activity/fitness tracking ring available in 2022.

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