List Of The Best Android Launchers To Customize Your Phone

List Of The Best Android Launchers To Customize Your Phone

Today is the time to see which are the best Android launchers of the moment. One of the main features of Android is its customization capabilities, but within it there is always one that triumphs over the others: the launchers.

Indeed, today we are going to comment on the best Android launcher alternatives , so that you can replace your used one and more than seen stock launcher with a cool and customizable one.

Best Android launchers

Pixel Android Launcher

You know that a launcher promises when he succeeds without having just left officially . In this case, the new Google launcher we saw with the Pixels offers us new transitions, a great and beautiful G in the form of a search widget as well as a more renewed and customizable look than the previous Nexus.

Apex Android Launcher

I think Apex Launcher has been one of the best Google launchers for a long time than Oppo as an Android firm. Always in the shadow of Nova Launcher, Apex offers us an air of minimalism, customization to extreme limits and compatibility with almost every icon theme in the world.

Action Android Launcher

Despite being a bit “heavy”, Action Launcher has been gaining popularity with tools such as Quickcuts, proper customization without taking it to extremes and a premium mode that costs what it is worth.

Specifically, its Quickcuts is a function that allows us to open a kind of side menu from which we can access some apps of our phone more quickly and comfortably, thus differentiating itself from its main rivals.

Nova Android Launcher

Of course, an essential of this list is Nova Launcher, which we can say without a doubt that it is the best launcher for Android in the world. Basically, it stands out for:

  • Performance : agile, fast and fluid to perform most of its functions
  • Customizable : no launcher offers as much customization as Nova, from changing the indicated page icon to the size of the icons.
  • Premium mode : almost always on offer, there is no payment method that exceeds it, expanding (if it can be extended further) its options and possibilities.

In short, I would opt for Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher if you want something stable, safe and effective , but if you want other less minimalist airs, Action Launcher is your launcher . Finally, if you are a lover of stock customization and do not mind some mistakes you may suffer, Pixel Launcher is your alternative.

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