7 Best Free Apps To Make And Save Money In 2023

7 Best Free Apps To Make And Save Money In 2023

Best Apps for Making Money
Earn additional income on your own time.

The gig economy employs about 36% of American workers, and earning apps have greatly lowered obstacles that once prevented people from leaving the office.

You may make money using free applications to pay off debt, supplement your job, support a pastime, or even live on your own. The greatest money-making applications let you sign up quickly, start earning money right away, and work on your own schedule.

In order to identify the top options, we looked into more than a dozen revenue-generating apps and considered things like potential earnings, the speed at which you can get paid, and app store reviews. This compilation will assist you in selecting the finest money-making software based on your objectives, preferred method of earning, and available time.

The absolute best Upwork

The finest money-making software, whether you’re starting a side hustle or developing a full-time freelancing business, is Upwork thanks to its ease, improved communication, and potential for freelancing to earn more over time.

Pros Easy profile setup for over 1,600 skill sets

Obtain additional customers based on ratings, overall profits, and score

Continue or start new initiatives by submitting an application or accepting an invitation.

Payment protection ensures that successful work will be paid for.

5% to 20% of the overall income per client, depending on the service fee

10 days after the billing term has ended, payment is given.

Customers may quickly compare prices and make their choice.

Upwork is the greatest money-making tool for talented workers to establish relationships with clients and manage projects in one location as a freelancing market driving the gig economy. Upwork wins best overall for its extensive selection of accessible skill categories, profile-building tools, and boundless earning possibilities.

Upwork makes it straightforward and easy to build an account and apply for new assignments regardless of your prior experience. Over 1,600 skills, including digital marketing, programming, translation, admin work, plus much more, are available to freelancers.

You can work on Upwork if you are able to it on a computer.

You can search for continuing work with clients or submit applications for one-time opportunities through Upwork. Your appeal as a candidate for future openings will increase as a result of recent reviews and an increasing Job Success Score. Invitations to special opportunities may be extended to qualified independent contractors.

Through Upwork’s Payment Protection scheme, project funds are kept in escrow, assisting in ensuring safe and prompt payment for freelancers. Direct deposits, PayPal, wire transfers, among other options, are all acceptable means of payment. Sadly, rates for independent contractors range from 5% to 20%.

Your charge % decreases as the amount of money you make from a certain client increases. After the weekly billing cycle has ended, funds aren’t credited to the account until 10 days later.

You will be required to pay taxes on your income as an independent contractor.

both iOS and Android are supported.

Rakuten provides easy sign-up and referral processes along with a variety of cashback possibilities for both online and in-store purchases.

Positive cashback offers of up to 40% at thousands of participating stores

$10 first-time buyer’s incentive $25

$30 reward for referring new customers who make a minimum purchase of $30

A browser plugin provides extra benefits and functionality.

Cons Cashback percentages of just 1%

Users have complained about their apps stalling.

$5 in cashback is required to redeem.

Expenses are paid every three months.

Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is one of the best cashback applications for making money, giving discounts from a variety of shops along with welcoming sign-up and referral rewards. Despite the fact that you have to spend cash to make cash, the app allows you to receive a small financial reward for purchases you would have made anyhow.

Users can browse cashback deals at thousands of merchants, including as Target, Best Buy, and Kohl’s, after registering. Just tap into a merchant from the website or application and make an order to receive rewards. By choosing the offer on the app and tying your card before making a purchase, you can also get cashback for in-store purchases. However, if you don’t initially complete these steps, you can’t get cashback.

Cashback percentages range from 1% to 40% and depend on the retailer.

Through the app, you may browse available cashback offers by retailer, brand, and category.

After spending $25, new customers are eligible for a $10 welcome incentive. Additionally, you can get a $30 referral money for sending us new customers who make a $30 purchase.

Every three months, users are paid by PayPal or cheque. You must accumulate at least $5 in cashback before being eligible for a reward.

Users of computers can also save money by using this money-making tool. You may save the hassle of coupon comparison by using the cashback button, which automatically applies all available coupons. Additionally, it provides notifications regarding reduced prices offered by other stores as well as cashback possibility in Google search results.

both iOS and Android are supported.

The Survey Junkie Based on demographic information, Junkie offers surveys which require no more than thirty minutes to complete and offers fast cash via gift cards or PayPal.

Fill out pertinent surveys to earn money for research and marketing firms.

offers consumers the chance to earn money by selling their browsing data as well.

Enter information anonymously to safeguard your identity.

Use PayPal or internet gift cards to convert points to cash.

Identity verification prior to surveys might be irritating.

invites to old surveys could arrive

Some polls ask the same questions repeatedly to ensure their validity.

If you don’t match the required conditions, your incomplete surveys may be cancelled.

Survey Junkie, which collaborates with businesses and market research firms, gives users the chance to complete surveys in return for points that can be promptly redeemed for a gift card or payment via PayPal. Survey Junkie is the greatest survey money-making app as a result.

The process of signing up is easy. By completing questions, you build a profile that enables Survey Junkie to present pertinent surveys to you. Each survey offers a set number of points that can be converted into money. Regardless of whether you choose to pay using gift cards or PayPal, 100 points will be worth $1. To pay out, you must have a minimum of 500 points, or $5.

On average, surveys take 15 minutes to complete. Every survey has a choice option. The dashboard lists the surveys that are available, albeit some of them might not be live right now.

To confirm your identification, some surveys ask the same questions over and over. Please be aware that Survey Junkie maintains the right to exclude participants who don’t meet certain requirements at any time during the survey and to only award partial points.

This money-making tool provides the chance to qualify for extra surveys based on browser information in addition to demographic-based questions. The Survey Junkie Pulse extensions records digital behavior such as searches, webpages, purchasing, and more to locate new surveys for you. It is available as a browser extension and a mobile app.

By sending all responses anonymously, Survey Junkie safeguards user data.

both iOS and Android are supported.

Driving delivering goods when it’s convenient for you can earn you money, and you can withdraw your money up to five times every day.

Pros Work whenever you want to earn money on your terms.

Using a single driver app, you can transport people and deliver meals.

Five withdrawals are permitted each day.

after costs, make $10 to $20 per hour.

Cons Model year specifications may exclude participation.

Drivers are required to pay an administrative charge, which fluctuates depending on costs and wait times.

Location and demand have an impact on the amount you can make.

The driver app sometimes has quirks

Uber is the finest revenue-generating app for car owners because it gives customers two methods to earn, fast payouts, and an easier app for accepting new business. If you meet the requirements, this industry behemoth in carpooling and food delivery makes it simple for anyone in a car to make money whenever they want. You have to

possess a valid driver’s license and satisfy local driving regulations
Drive in the United States for at least a year, or for drivers below 25, three years.
own a car with four doors that satisfies the neighborhood requirements for Uber
Give the required documentation, such as a copy of your registration, insurance, and proof of residency.
Observe the driver vetting procedure

As an Uber driver, you have the option to take customer ride requests or deliver food using the Uber Eats service, all through the identical app.

Up to five withdrawals are permitted each day. Your earnings for each journey differ depending on a few variables, such as:

Cost of a typical trip: a starting price determined by the amount of time and distance, which changes depending on the city
Increased price: Gain more money when demand is at its highest.
Keep all tips from clients at 100%

Similar procedures are used for Uber Eats driver payment.

Keep in mind that you will be responsible for paying for your vehicle’s maintenance as a driver. Uber also assesses a service charge to drivers, which is subtracted prior to payment. Due to the fact that Uber drivers are regarded as independent contractors, your income is subject to taxation.

both iOS and Android are supported.

By enabling anybody to sell new or used products through its online marketplace, OfferUp updates the Craigslist idea.

Pros Direct messaging with potential customers within the app

easy to upload a picture and sell

Decide on a set asking price or a pricing that is negotiable.

Accept cash payments for regional transactions, or send things anywhere in the world.

Unless you select shipping, delivery is your responsibility.

positive search results Promote Plus subscribers and additional sponsored content

There is a minimum charge of $1.99 and a 12.9% fee for shipping an item.

OfferUp, which purchased rival Letgo, makes selling online stress-free with its straightforward and user-friendly platform. OfferUp is the finest money-making software for selling used items since it offers a simple listing process and allows users the option to sell locally or nationally.

By including a picture, a description, and a price, users can list new products. You have the option of setting a definite asking price that is only open to a single willing buyer or a price that is negotiable. Through the app, viewers can speak with the vendor directly to ask inquiries or express interest.

Although users can mail things, OfferUp mostly supports local transactions. You can set an item to “buy now” with a predefined delivery price rather than keeping track of offers and notifications.

Due to the fact that most transactions are local, purchasers typically pay in cash.

Customers have two days to inspect a shipping item when it arrives before the deal is concluded. Then, within five business days, sellers get paid.

By promoting your products, you can attract more customers. You have the option of promoting your product by making a one-time payment or subscribing to a subscription.

By validating their contact details or connecting a Meta account, users can prove their identity. OfferUp safeguards customers by selecting secure public meet-up venues for local transactions based on elements like lighting, monitoring, and more.

both iOS and Android are supported.

Swagbucks is BEST FOR ODD JOBS
Although Swagbucks doesn’t pay much, it does provide users with a number of options to make money, including cash back for eligible purchases and odd jobs like answering surveys, viewing movies, playing video games, and more.

Benefits: Gain points quickly.

$10 sign-up bonus after $25 in purchases

Earn 10% Swagbucks by referring friends.

Redeem points using PayPal for gift cards or cash.

Users who are motivated can make $100 or more per month.

Swagbucks don’t have much value; 100 SB=$1

the majority of assignments don’t yield many points

You can be disqualified from the procedure owing to demographics from surveys.

Reward delivery can take up to ten business days.

Only certain audiences are eligible for the highest-paying surveys.

Swagbucks is a simple way for anybody with a smartphone to earn additional income by completing odd jobs or by receiving cashback, even if it won’t pay as much as other side hustles. For this reason, it takes the top spot for odd jobs.

In order to pay users, this revenue-generating software collaborates with marketing businesses. By making purchases, watching videos, doing surveys, engaging in activities, and employing search engines, you may acquire Swagbucks (SB).

Starting is easy and doesn’t require payment information. Users can keep track of their income sources using the daily checklist tool.

Although most jobs are simple, not all of them yield the same amount of SB. Users often receive between 40 and 200 SB after completing surveys that last five to sixty minutes. Earning sufficient points to cash out can take some time because 100 SB are worth $1.

The survey choices on Swagbucks are made based on demographics. Access to higher-paying surveys is only available to users who meet certain criteria, such as owning a domesticated boa constrictor or even having two sets of twins.

By connecting a credit card, you can receive cashback on in-store purchases. New users can get a $10 welcome incentive after investing $25 on purchases made through retail partners. Swagbucks provides rewards for referrals as well.

Through Swagbucks, you may exchange points for rewards instantly, but it might take a maximum of ten days to get cash or gift card codes via PayPal.

both iOS and Android are supported.

To sum up
There are plenty of money-making apps to complement or replace your full-time employment as the world moves closer to completely embracing the burgeoning gig economy. There are many alternatives to select from depending on your interests and aims.

In comparison to Swagbucks, which offers both cash back as well as other straightforward earning alternatives, Rakuten is the finest option for quick and simple cash back. By driving or making deliveries through the Uber app, drivers may easily make money on their own schedule. But Upwork’s freelance marketplace wins the prize for long-term earning potential. Freelancers can submit as many applications as they like, all the while developing a trustworthy personal brand that opens up new opportunities and higher pay.

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