The best cloud storage apps: never run out of space!

At this point in 2019, you should already have a backup of your most important files in a cloud storage service . You never know when a misfortune will happen that causes you to lose your job for months, or even years, and having created a full backup on time can free you from more than one headache.

Whether to store backup copies, to free up storage space on your mobile or simply because you like to have your files accessible from anywhere, using one of the many cloud storage apps that exist on Android is highly recommended. In this guide we select the best ones you can use.

Save all your files in the cloud: the best apps for Android

Google Drive

Since it arrives preinstalled on the vast majority of Android smartphones, Google Drive is one of the most used cloud storage platforms . This is the most interesting option for those who use the rest of the Google ecosystem services, since thanks to the integration of tools such as Documents, Spreadsheets or Google Keep, among others, it is possible to access all the files stored from any place, organized to perfection depending on its category.

By default, Google Drive offers us 15 GB of cloud storage for free , and just create a Google account - or associate an existing one - to enjoy them. However, it is possible to purchase more storage at a ridiculous price starting at 1.99 euros per month for 100 GB of storage through Google One .


Despite its controversial past, the Megaupload creator platform remains one of the best free cloud storage apps. MEGA is one of the options that offers more storage in its free mode: 50 GB , although it is possible to expand the space by paying a premium subscription.

In addition to the cloud storage service, MEGA also offers a point-to-point encrypted chat with which to chat with other members of the same team safely . In addition, from MEGA they claim to be one of the safest platforms, since the data stored in the cloud is encrypted and decrypted directly on the device, locally, and not on the application’s servers.


In addition to being our favorite instant messaging application, Telegram , whose guide full of tricks and tips is at your disposal, it is also a fantastic cloud storage service , fast and with unlimited space to store documents of all kinds.

To take advantage of Telegram’s capabilities in terms of cloud storage, it will be enough to download the application and access the “Saved messages” section, which acts similarly to a private cloud storage unit, accessible from any device with internet connection. To get even more out of this function of the app, it is advisable to use Telegram X, since all the documents and content stored in our unit will be organized in different categories for easier access.


Dropbox was a pioneer in its category for years, and over time it has remained one of the best cloud storage applications available for both Android and other platforms. Recently, the app has received a total redesign to adapt to the times. All plans, of course, are paid and it will only be possible to use the storage service for free for a period of 30 days.


OneDrive, the Microsoft tool, is another of the options preferred by users of the main mobile and desktop platforms. Like Google Drive, OneDrive stands out for its integration with other Microsoft tools, including Office 365 or OneNote.

In addition to allowing files and documents to be hosted in the cloud, OneDrive allows you to share any type of file easily, categorize content automatically or access the most important files without the need for an Internet connection. For free, the app offers 5 GB of storage.

Google Photos

If you still don’t use Google Photos to back up all your images and videos, you don’t know what you’re missing. Beyond the endless possibilities offered by Google’s storage and organization of images and videos, the app stands out for offering unlimited high quality storage to all users. It is also possible to upload all content without compression, taking advantage of Google Drive storage.


While Box is mainly focused on offering cloud storage services to companies and professionals , the truth is that it is a great alternative to the rest of the options we have already seen. It is probably the best designed application among all of its category , and by default it offers 10 GB for free, which can be extended later through one of the payment plans.

In addition, the application has interesting options such as the ability to share large files through links, offline access, file encryption or real-time searches.


At the time we thoroughly tested pCloud , and it proved to be a very good alternative to other services, mainly because offers 10 GB for free, and because it is possible to get up to 2 TB of storage for life through a single payment.

PCloud also claims to be one of the safest alternatives because it uses 256-bit AES encryption on its servers , includes 2-step authentication and encrypts the connection to the server from end to end.


Simple, fast and safe. IceDrive stands out for these three aspects, and it is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to classic cloud storage platforms. It offers 20 GB of free space , and allows you to create automatic backup copies of content stored on our devices such as images or videos. In addition, it will be possible to use the application as a personal multimedia service, since it has a built-in streaming content player.


Despite not being as well known as the others, it is worth taking a look at TresorIt’s features .It is a free cloud storage service, which allows you to store, share and synchronize documents securely thanks to its encryption system. From the company they ensure that not even TresorIt has access to the data of its users due to the encryption system used.

The stored information is accessible from any device, whatever its platform, and it is possible to create full backups automatically. To use this app, yes, you will have to checkout. The most affordable plan starts from 8.3 euros per month - which is paid annually - and in return we get 200 GB of cloud space , among many other advantages.

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