The best covers for the BQ Aquaris X

BQ is one of those companies that, although it seems odd, does not launch any high-end terminal, but, year after year, it is trying to dominate the middle and upper middle range with its terminals, - also with a tablet - without trying to bite more than you can chew. And today, it is a very smart strategy, and they are doing quite well.

We recently told you about the BQ Aquaris X, the best mid-range smartphone that you can find right now in the market. And, now, we are going to tell you which are the 5 best cases you can buy, so you can always keep your BQ Aquaris X protected.

These are the 5 best covers for the BQ Aquaris X and Aquaris X Pro

Next we are going to show you which are the best covers for BQ Aquaris X, and remember that these are also valid for the BQ Aquaris X Pro, since between these two terminals, only some components such as the camera change.

Slim case for the BQ Aquaris X and Aquaris X Pro

The first case we are going to show you is a thin silicone case that simply protects your phone. Neither drawings nor extravagant forms, simple, effective, and elegant. It is black and protects the entire terminal, including the buttons, for what else?

Leather cover case for BQ Aquaris X and Aquaris X Pro

The second cover of the compilation is somewhat larger, and it is a cover with cover and closure, made of leather and that protects the terminal both front and back, in addition to offering a space for you to store some cards and banknotes in its lid.

Transparent silicone case

In this case, we have a transparent silicone case with the image of a kitten in the back, ideal if you want to protect your terminal, but without giving up a cat in the back. If you don’t like cats, you can find many models with several drawings on the back on the same product page on Amazon.

Rugged Hybrid Case

This is a case that moves far away from the ones we just showed you, it is made of silicone and metal and, it increases the thickness of the terminal to protect it from falls and scratches. So it is ideal if you are one of those people whose mobiles always end up on the ground.

Cover with cover

The last case that we are going to show you is a cover with a lid, but with slightly less bulky dimensions than we have taught you before, since it has thinner covers. The bad thing about this thickness reduction is that, of course, you can put fewer cards and fewer bills in its lid.

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