The best free Titanium Backup Alternative to create full backups on Android

The best free Titanium Backup Alternative to create full backups on Android

If you have been in the Android world for several years, it is very likely that at some point you have changed the ROM to one of your phones. And if so, it is even more likely that you have used or know Titanium Backup . For years, this application has been - and is - the essential tool of all those modders who change the ROM of their terminals frequently , when making full backups and thus not losing important data along the way. But today, the reign of Titanium Backup could be nearing its end.

The developer BaltiApps of XDA-Developers, has created Migrate, an alternative to the most famous backup app , which in the words of its own creator, comes to simplify the process of switching between different ROMs because it facilitates the task of creating and restore backups.

This is Migrate, the definitive app for those who change ROM frequently

Migrate, like the vast majority of Android applications for backups, allows you to save applications - your APK files, to be exact - and the data for each one , the permissions granted to each app , call and message logs, contacts, settings of the system such as the screen DPI, the default keyboard app, and more. All this data will be exported in a package, which the user will store in the phone memory before changing ROM, and once installed the new operating system will be restored so that everything is back to the way it was at the beginning.

One of Migrate’s advantages over other apps of the style is its careful design . Titanium Backup, although it is one of the most complete and useful tools in its category, still has a design anchored in the past, which uses components of the times of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. On the contrary, Migrate boasts a more intuitive and simple appearance, which although it does not follow Google’s Material Design guide, it does not catch up as much as the alternative mentioned before.

However, the differential aspect of this app is the way to restore data once the new ROM has been installed on the device. While other apps require the process through the application itself, Migrate creates a flash packet for recovery , so that once the new ROM has been installed, it is possible to restore all the information before even starting the new system for the first time. time. A faster and more convenient solution.

How to use Migrate

As soon as you open the app for the first time, we will be welcome with a small tutorial that details the operation of the application. Keep in mind that the app requires superuser permissions to work , which should not be a problem for all users familiar with ROM changes.

When the tutorial is finished, we arrive at a home screen with two buttons: Backup and Restore. The first one, as its name indicates, allows you to make a complete backup of all the data of our Android , allowing us to choose what information we will want to include in the package. Once everything has been selected, the copy creation process will begin.

However, the Restore button will indicate the steps to follow to be able to flash the previously created file through the recovery mode - the creator of the app recommends TWRP.

Migrate is a free application , which is currently in beta since its development is still at an early stage. Even so, it is certainly a good option for all those who change ROM frequently and want to make and restore backups in the simplest way possible.

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