The Bluetooth certification of the device brings the global rollout of the Xiaomi Mi Watch closer

In recent days, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) granted its approval to the Xiaomi Mi Watch, making it the first smartwatch to do so. This substantiates that the debut on a global scale won’t be too much longer.

Bluetooth SIG is the agency that regulates an international society of over 30,000 enterprises serving to harmonise the vast range of connected devices that are all around us. For those who are unaware, this information is provided here. It is in charge of monitoring the creation of Bluetooth standards as well as the licencing of technology of this kind.

The listing contains a declaration with the ID of D046837. The Chinese product name for Xiaomi is “.” Even though our understanding of Chinese is limited, a quick Google search was enough to confirm that the watch in question is in fact the Mi Watch.

As of today, the 11th of November, the timepiece can be purchased anywhere in China. The introduction was done in conjunction with the country’s Singles Day, an annual shopping frenzy that is analogous to the shopping craze that occurs on Black Friday in the United States. It is interesting to note that the event started out as an “anti- Valentine’s” celebration in China a few decades ago for those who were not in relationships.

This certification means that the global launch might take place within the next month or two; however, the corporation has not provided a time frame for when it will occur. The corporation has not yet been granted a regulatory licence from the Federal Communications Commission in the United States (FCC).

To refresh your memory, the Mi Watch was introduced approximately one week ago. On paper, it looks and sounds like quite an accomplishment. “a little smartphone on the wrist,” is how Xiaomi describes their new product.

A modified version of Wear OS is what the item is running. Support for eSIM/4G LTE, NFC, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 3100 is included in this wearable device, which has the appearance of an Apple Watch.

In addition, there is a substantial amount of fitness-related hardware, such as a 6-axis accelerometer, heart rate sensor, compass, barometer, and three different positioning systems (GPS, Galileo, and BeiDou). Monitoring of a wide variety of bodily functions, including stress, sleep, and energy levels, is provided by the watch. Some people have the wrong impression that it checks the amounts of oxygen in the blood, but this is not the case.

Outdoor running, outdoor strolling, off-road, trekking, indoor running, outdoor riding, indoor cycling, swimming in the pool, open water swimming, and free movement are the ten modes that make up the professional sports modes.

Every one of these features includes its very own set of real-time performance measurements. In addition, Firstbeat provides extra information regarding the state of your fitness via a total of ten different metrics.

In China, the Xiaomi Mi Watch can be purchased for a total of CNY 1299, or $185. There is additionally a higher-end model that can be purchased for $285. (CNY 1999). This one protects the 44mm OLED display with a sapphire crystal and encases it in a body made of polished stainless steel. The body is attached to a strap made of stainless steel.

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