The Bluetooth SIG has unveiled the next generation of Fossil watches

Today, the Bluetooth SIG received a shipment of Fossil smartwatches. These could be the first gadgets to include Apple’s 6th generation technology.

The Bluetooth SIG register lists two devices, each of which has several variations. The first is the C1NF1, followed by the C1CF1, C1EF1, and the DW11F2, which also has a DW11F1 variation.

The Bluetooth SIG has unveiled the next generation of Fossil watches.

Last year, Fossil Group presented its 5th generation technology. It included a built-in speaker, smart battery modes that extended battery life, enhanced storage capacity, and the Snapdragon 3100 processor. What the next generation will bring is yet to be seen.

The next-generation Snapdragon Wear 4100 chip is one possibility. This improves speed, performance, and connectivity, as well as voice, video, images, music, messaging, health and fitness, sleep, and sports, as well as a 25% increase in battery life. However, the Bluetooth SIG registry reveals the same Bluetooth designs as Gen 5 watches, so these could be Gen 5 watches all over again.

The name of the sub-brand may usually be deduced from the label information. A letter is followed by a 1 or a 2 after the model number. The letter represents a Fossil Group sub-brand. In this case, the F stands for Fossil watches. Last year, the Fossil Generation 5 car was named DW10F1.

Because we haven’t seen these previously, the NF, CF, and EF versions are a little less apparent. These could potentially be Fossil-branded, according to 9to5Google. However, it’s unclear how the C and DW series of Wear OS watches vary.

Fossil began releasing new gadgets in its lineup in late summer 2019, timed to coincide with the Berlin International Film Festival (IFA). It’s probable that the corporation will do the same thing this year. Early September will see Europe’s largest tech gathering. This is the first year it will be held entirely online.

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