The BotBoxer is aware of your strikes and will avoid them

SkyTechSports has introduced a brand new punching bag that features advanced technology. BotBoxer is an app that serves as your personal sparring partner and is intended to help you improve your martial arts skills.

Boxing is not exempt from the technological shifts that are taking place all around us, despite the fact that it is rooted in tradition. With the introduction of sensors in fitness trackers and smartwatches, the way we train for the noble art of boxing is changing drastically.

The BotBoxer makes use of high-speed computer vision and motion recognition in order to follow your every movement and anticipate any hooks or jabs that you may throw. It is able to imitate a living opponent and move away from your fists in order to avoid being hit by your strikes thanks to its three-motor drive. When it comes to obtaining a phenomenal aerobic exercise for your upper body, it doesn’t get much better than this! And to answer your question, the punch bag does not strike back.

In addition to reading the force, velocity, and direction of each shot, the sensors inside the bag provide you with blow-by-blow data. The cloud is being utilized to upload and store all of this information.

The robotic boxing opponent gives you the option to select a training session appropriate for each level of boxer, from amateur to professional. You can either choose a program that includes punching combos you want to improve on or use drills to increase your technique. It also gives you the option to personalize your own experience.

Now, for the not-so-good news. It is quite unlikely that you will decide to get one of them unless you either have very deep finances or a burning desire to win the world championship. It has a hefty price tag of $19,900 and is scheduled to be delivered in the fall. However, you should look for it at one of the local gyms in your area. According to Alex Golunov, the project leader for BotBoxer, the moment has come for gyms to step up their performance, and BotBoxer is the solution.

The BotBoxer is an innovative workout method that is much more than just a cutting-edge workout machine.It is the first piece of gym equipment that can be used for both upper-body cardio and strength training. It is also the only piece of equipment that can measure both the speed and power of a boxer’s strike at the same time.

You may kill some time during this wait by looking into some of the other, more reasonably priced boxing technology that is available. The majority of this consists of sensors that you attach to your gloves.

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