The CardioX AI-powered App Makes a Significant Advancement in the Cuffless Monitoring of Blood Pressure

CardioX has developed a reliable method for monitoring blood pressure that does not require using an inflatable cuff. Connecting your Apple Watch or another ECG-enabled wristwatch to the CardioX, an AI-enabled version of the software for iOS or Android, makes it possible for you to obtain precise readings.

Hypertension affects approximately half of adults in the United States, accounting for 47 percent of the adult population, or 116 million people. In addition to that, it includes people who are currently managing their hypertension with medication. A systolic blood pressure that is higher than 130 mmHg or diastolic blood pressure that is greater than 80 mmHg is considered to be hypertension.

In 2019, hypertension was either the primary or a contributing cause of death in over half a million people who passed away in the United States. A majority of medical studies have demonstrated that proactive blood pressure control, which includes lowering systolic blood pressure to less than 120 mm/Hg, significantly lowers the risk of heart disease and various other health disorders associated with it. Measuring your blood pressure frequently, in various circumstances, and at multiple points in the course of the day are the only ways to determine whether or not you have high blood pressure.

Monitoring one’s blood pressure is an effective technique for reducing the risk of harmful health effects. This strategy should be accessible and available to hypertension patients and to anyone interested in leading a healthy way of life. Even with all of the recent advances that have been made in the consumer health and wellness business, it is still quite challenging to get accurate readings while traveling or without a conventional blood pressure monitor at home.

The CardioX App is a Whole New Solution that You Can use On The Go

But that’s about to change since a ground-breaking new mobile app called CardioX is set to be released. The app’s developers have come up with a reliable alternative to using an inflated cuff to measure blood pressure. Through the use of the software that AI powers, you may now obtain reliable readings of your blood pressure. You only need a smartphone and a wearable gadget that is capable of generating an electrocardiogram.

The Apple App Store and the Google Play Store have the program as a download option for users. The program is available at no cost.

The professional team behind CardioX comprises specialists with decades of experience in the domains of health, engineering, mathematics, and programming, respectively. The organization developed its application with the much-touted ECG monitoring features of the Apple Watch and other primary Android-based fitness gadgets like the Galaxy Watch, Kardia, and Fitbit Sense. Through the use of this novel approach to measuring blood pressure, the fledgling company came up with an original strategy to aid in the prevention of disorders linked to hypertension.

How to take Readings of One’s Blood Pressure

This is possible. Simply using an electrocardiogram (ECG) that was captured by a smartwatch or fitness tracker enables precise estimation of blood pressure measurements thanks to a sophisticated neural network and a vast collection of clinical records. According to the young company, the effectiveness of this approach is supported by the significant number of actual patient data that they have accumulated over the course of their operation.

To Acquire Your Measurements:

  1. Download and launch the CardioX app on your iOS or Android device
  2. When prompted, create an account for yourself. You can expect to see a confirmation email sent to the address you provided.
  3. Complete the creation of your profile by including your personal details. You must provide accurate information because this will be used to estimate various indicators regarding the health of your heart.
  4. It is now time to import the readings from your electrocardiogram. You can do this through the app that you use to monitor your health by selecting the “share” button and then selecting the “export individual ECG file to Cardio X” option.
  5. After importing your initial electrocardiogram (ECG), you are strongly advised to recalibrate the app. You should take three readings with a standard blood pressure cuff and then enter the average of those readings. This will ensure that your results are as accurate as possible. Even though this is a one-time process, you always have the option to recalibrate anytime it best suits your needs.

After that, you will be able to view the blood pressure readings that were collected at the same time as the ECG, in addition to a variety of individual metrics such as gender, age, physical health, and so on. The CardioX mobile app users will benefit from the most precise and individualized blood pressure estimates possible if they provide the essential data described below.

But that’s not the end of it. You will also receive information regarding your heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), and a few other metrics derived from HRV, such as your productivity, energy, and stress levels. In addition, the HRV measure is broken down into its component parts and shown in a portion of the app that is explicitly dedicated to that purpose. Simply clicking on any of the parameters will reveal their explanations. For a more in-depth tutorial, make sure to see the video that follows this article.

How Does the CardioX Application Put its Features to Use?

By implementing machine learning coding to a brief ECG interval, the CardioX application accurately estimates the user’s blood pressure in real-time. The initial step in picking data and developing machine learning models is processing the current data in its most basic form.

To begin, we get rid of all of the documents that are unnecessary or dubious. After that, any noise present in the ECG readings is eliminated, and the isoline is corrected. At last, the ECG signals that have been cleaned up are put to use in the process of developing a machine learning algorithm for the neural network. The CardioX models use over 50 other factors that the device computed. At the same time, the ECG data was being analyzed, in addition to the specific metrics of individuals, such as their age and gender.

According to the data, incorrect diagnoses of diseases and other medical mistakes were responsible for ten percent of all deaths in the United States. Inadequate health history and heavy patient loads frequently contribute to the occurrence of fatal human errors. AI is immune to these variables and has a higher rate of disease diagnosis and prediction than the majority of medical practitioners. In light of this, artificial intelligence offers a potentially fruitful path for enhancing testing accuracy in circumstances related to healthcare.

CardioX asserts that it was established with the purpose of improving the standard of living of individuals struggling with illnesses related to high blood pressure. However, the primary goal is to assist in mitigating future health problems by making cutting-edge resources and technologies available to patients and medical professionals.

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