The CITIZEN Eco-Drive River is the company's first next-generation hybrid vehicle

The most recent iteration of Citizen’s hybrid watches was introduced one week ago. It is known as “Riiver,” and it links to a variety of devices and services by utilizing the open-source IoT platform that the firm provides.

A couple of years ago, hybrid timepieces were all the rage. However, it appears that they have fallen by the wayside recently. The hands on these watches are designed to look like those on an analog watch, but they also include the capabilities of a modern smartwatch.

Citizen is a Japanese-based company that has been around for a century. It is also well-known for the production of other types of small devices, such as calculators, in addition to watches. In 2006, the business released the world’s first watch that was enabled with Bluetooth technology. This was followed up by the company six years later with the Eco-Drive, which was the first solar-powered watch with Bluetooth capabilities.

At the tail end of 2017, CITIZEN formed a partnership with Fossil Group. In accordance with the terms of this agreement, the firm has declared that it would produce and market hybrid watches that make use of the technology developed by Fossil Group.

 The most recent endeavor undertaken by Citzen is known as the Eco-Drive Riiiver. The words “imagine,” “inspire,” and “innovate” are represented by the letters “iiis” in the name of this hybrid.

The fact that the device can be powered by any source of light is probably one of the most interesting aspects of it. The battery life of these smartwatches is kept very high thanks to the incorporation of the Apollo MCU family from Ambiq Micro. They are able to operate for around seven months on a full charge (about 1.5 years at power save).

The open-source internet of things platform is another noteworthy facet of this project. The wearer of a Riiiver is given the ability to generate an “idea” action through a three-step process that can interact and connect with a variety of devices and services. You might, for instance, program the device so that it would contact a transportation service with the simple click of a button. Additionally, you could use the watch to control smart speakers.

Riiver also tracks the number of calories consumed, the number of steps taken, and the amount of available light. The casing measures 43 millimeters in diameter and is made out of stainless steel. The Crystal/Sapphire glass features an anti-reflective coating. The watch has a straightforward appearance, but it is easy to read because of its high-contrast hues and hands that are housed within a dial that is large and open. As can be seen in the picture that follows, there will be a variety of different options available to select from.

Riiiver was introduced to the public for the first time last week during SXSW in Austin, Texas. The launch of the device, which will cost you $420, is anticipated for the fall of 2019. On the website of Citizen, there is a signup form that allows you to request to be notified as soon as it is made available for purchase.

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