The Company Humon has Discontinued its Operations and Will No Longer Market the Hex Muscle Oxygen Sensor

The company Humon has declared that it will be closing its doors permanently. Users who have already signed up will be allowed to keep using Hex, but the business will no longer be offering sales of the muscle oxygen sensor.

The following is the most significant portion of the announcement that was sent out by email the day before to all of the people who are on their distribution list.

“Unfortunately, as of the 13th of February in the year 2020, we will be forced to terminate the majority of the Humon business. Our mobile applications for iOS and Android will no longer be available for future installations on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. In addition, our cloud infrastructure and web services will be turned off, and our support lines will be shut down. However, despite this, you will still be allowed to just use the Hex with your Garmin data frame, which will remain to be downloadable through the Connect IQ Store.

The company has not disclosed the rationale behind the decision; instead, they have merely stated that “unfortunately, Humon will no longer be able to continue improving this system and make muscular oxygen available and comprehensible to the globe.” The following is what is said in the rest of the statement: “It is the necessary road forward today. It is also the reason why we discontinued sales of the Hex at the beginning of January when we first became aware that this would be the case.

The company was established in 2015, and in 2018, it introduced its very first product, which was called the Hex. The device functions essentially as a coach that you can wear, teaching you about your body’s limitations. Attaching it to your thigh will give you real-time feedback about the haemoglobin saturation in your quadriceps through both sound and sight.

If you are aware of the information regarding your oxygen saturation, you will be able to properly warm up; you will be aware of your threshold, which will allow you to change your pace; and you will be aware of when you are adequately healed to begin a new training course.”

Our investigation revealed that each of these is effective. Because of Hex, we were able to modify the intensity of our workouts as needed. It takes the guesswork out of the equation and lets people get the most out of their efforts while reducing the risk of overtraining and injury.

If you go to right now, you will see that all of the products have been labelled as “Sold out. Therefore, it is no longer available for purchase by you.”

We have a hunch that the little company may have already sold the technology it developed to a more established business. This is not an extremely unusual occurrence, and on the whole, it may turn out to be beneficial news in the long term because it would enable a significantly deeper market penetration. Let us hold out hope that this is the situation.

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