The debut of the Forerunner 945 was accidentally revealed on the German edition of the Garmin Pay website

The introduction of the Forerunner 945 was accidentally revealed on the German language edition of the Garmin Pay website. The so-called “reveal” verifies both the device’s name and the fact that it will be equipped with an NFC chip that would enable mobile payments.

Unfortunately, no one was able to take a picture of the device before Garmin removed it from the market. The following is a link to an Imgur image that demonstrates the watch in clear detail with other NFC-enabled Garmin products. If you go to the German version of the Garmin Pay page right now, you won’t find any reference to the 945.

The picture was also uploaded to Twitter at some point.

The Garmin website in Germany gives the impression that the release of the Garmin Forerunner 945 is very close at hand. Posts relating to this’ reveal ‘have just been removed from the Garmin forums. cc: @dcrainmakerblog

The error was not overlooked at any point. It would appear that posts on Garmin forums relating to the leak have been removed. On the other hand, there is a topic on Reddit where people are debating the’reveal.’ It has been speculated that the much anticipated watch would finally be released within the next few weeks. A file with the FCC that was made on March 1 lends more validity to the rumors.

It is anticipated that the Forerunner 945 will be an updated version of the 935. The 935, which was first made available to the public in March of 2017, strikes a wonderful balance between fashion and practicality. It has a price that is a little bit lower and a form factor that is a little bit smaller than the Fenix 5 series, but it does not sacrifice any of the features.

However, in the field of wearable technology, two years is a relatively short amount of time. Since its introduction, Garmin has come up with a number of different models of sports watches, such as the Fenix 5 Plus, the Forerunner 30, the Forerunner 645, the Forerunner 645 Music, and many more. In addition, there is an abundance of different types of fitness bands, some of which are already in their third or fourth generation.


The previous year, there was speculation that Garmin would release a Forerunner 935 Plus, similar to how they did with the Fenix 5 Plus. If the most recent rumor turns out to be true, it appears that the corporation will continue down this path and launch a Forerunner 945.

It appears likely that Garmin Pay will support NFC. The updated Garmin ELEVATE optical HR sensor, additional Firstbeat performance data, and perhaps built-in storage for music are some of the other upgrades that are likely to be included. There is also the option of a pulse oximeter, which has previously been incorporated into the Vivosmart 4 and the Fenix 5X Plus.

It is important to emphasize that none of these leaks or rumors have been independently verified as of yet. Garmin has not yet made any statements that are considered to be official. Stay tuned, as we will revise this post when new information becomes available to us.

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