The developer version of MIUI gives the first Indication of what the Upcoming Xiaomi Wearable will Look Like

The developer version of MIUI gives the first Indication of what the Upcoming Xiaomi Wearable will Look Like

Code in the developer version of MIUI hints that Qualcomm Incorporated (QI) wireless charging may be included in the upcoming Xiaomi smartwatch, also known as the Mi Watch 2.

The Mi Watch Lite was the most recent watch to be made available for purchase by the Chinese technology giant. This is a scaled-down version of the complete product that is designed to be more affordable. It has a TFT LCD touchscreen measuring 1.41 inches but is otherwise identical. The fitness program’s fundamental technology hasn’t altered that much since the first iteration. The Lite version does not include either NFC or LTE in its smart technology capabilities. Although Xiaomi has taken certain shortcuts, the price is still competitive.

Before this, we were treated to the Mi Watch Color Sports Edition presentation. This is a slimmer and more athletic version of the Mi Watch Color, which was introduced roughly ten months earlier at the beginning of 2020. The name of this model gives you a hint of what you may expect from it.

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Because these are all intermediate versions, it implies that Xiaomi has not released anything fresh in the realm of smartwatches in almost one and a half years. Surprisingly, there has also been a very limited amount of information that has leaked about a possible new device.

A clue about a Mi Watch 2 feature can be found in the developer version of MIUI

A post made on Weibo by Digital Chat Station (via) provides the first meaningful hint as to what to anticipate next. They have included a screenshot of some code available in the Developer version of the MIUI operating system. To refresh your memory, this is the version of Wear OS that powers Xiaomi’s line of smartwatches.

The image depicts a smartwatch with a square shape attached to the back of a Xiaomi smartphone. Wireless reverse charging is written in the text located directly above it.

It states, “please position devices that support Qi wireless charging (mobile phones, wearable gadgets, and the like) on the middle of the back of the phone.” Below the image of the watch, it says, “please place.” Once the battery has reached a particular level, there is also a small toggle that turns off the process of charging the battery backward. In the illustration that you can see here, it is currently set at sixty percent.

Currently, not a single iteration of the Xiaomi watch supports wireless charging using the QI standard. Therefore, this is most likely a foreshadowing of upcoming events. For the time being, this is the only leak we are aware of, but in the coming weeks and months, we should get some more.

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Regarding a potential release date, the first iteration of the Mi Watch was made available for purchase in November of 2019. Smart money says we will see its successor (the Mi Watch 2) this autumn, well in advance of the crucial purchasing time that occurs throughout the holiday season.

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