FATBat User Opinions And Reviews

FATBat User Opinions And Reviews

Are you using your Fitbit and do not see the outcomes you would like to have? Conan O’Brien and his companion, Andy Richter, provide their recommendation for an improved method of physical fitness. They refer to it as the FATBat.

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The average fitness band can measure the number of steps you take, your heart rate, and the number of calories you burn, but it does not promise results. You will still need to inspire and encourage yourself each and every day.

The FATBat, on the other hand, does ensure the desired outcomes. It is described as having “no diet and no gimmicks,” as well as “no numbers or graphs.” It’s simply a creepy individual that chases you about with a bat and looks menacing.

According to Richer, it is effective because it “utilizes your extremely genuine flight or fight reaction to burn more calories.” Who has used it for things like “fancy bracelets or athletic equipment”? When there is “no safe word” and “no off switch,” weight loss is an absolute given for anyone who follows the plan. Nothing but fear!

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This is, of course, meant to be a humorous spin on the current trend of wearing technological devices. In spite of this, we continue to believe that the best choice is a fitness band or smartwatch.

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