The Federal Communications Commission has released the first photographs of the Garmin Forerunner 245 Music

Unveiling it to the public for the first time is definitely on the near horizon. The Federal Communications Commission has now made public the very first pictures of the Garmin Forerunner 245, which was recently announced by the FCC.

According to the French site Monte-Cardiac GPS, this is an improved version of the Forerunner 235, which is a watch that is quite popular among runners. We are aware that there will be a music version as well as a non-music version.

Late in December, both were registered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This is an independent organization within the United States government that was established by statute in order to regulate communications between states. It is probable that Garmin had planned to disclose the gadgets, perhaps early in 2019, but ultimately opted to delay the distribution of the information.

The most recent document released by the FCC provides us with our first look at the 245 Music version. Other modern watches in the Forerunner series look a lot like the one you have, except for the red start/stop button.

Unfortunately, the FCC did not release any information on the specifications. However, just like the 645 Music, it is realistic to anticipate that the 245 Music will come equipped with on-board storage for a maximum of 500 songs. Additionally, we anticipate that Garmin will add NFC connectivity to both models of the watch.

The 235 does not come equipped with a stair-counting altimeter, which is a glaring oversight on the device. Using measurements of pressure in the air, an altimeter can determine changes in altitude. Your calorie count is determined in part by the total number of flights of stairs you climb, which is tallied and factored into the calculation. Your calorie output will be more accurate as a result of this.


Tracking stress and keeping a count of repetitions while working out are features that have begun to appear on newer Garmin wearables, and it’s possible that these functions will be added to the 245. The same is true for Move IQ, which, in its most basic form, looks for periods of movement that are consistent with well-known exercise patterns and labels these occurrences as Events. Last but not least, you should anticipate new Firstbeat performance metrics, a better heart rate sensor, and longer battery life.

A release date in the spring is currently looking extremely realistic, and it might even happen within the next few weeks. You may anticipate the price of the device to be around $300.

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