The filing of many trademarks hints that Huawei is working on a variety of wearables

According to a series of applications submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office, Huawei may be working on a diverse range of wearables. These applications were submitted by Huawei (EUIPO). 

The management of the EU trademark as well as the registered Community design is under the purview of the regulatory authority. It also works with the intellectual property offices of EU Member States and international partners to make sure that the process for registering trademarks and designs is the same in Europe and the rest of the world.

According to Android Headlines, the applications bearing the trademark include names like FreePace, FreeGo, FreeStudio, FreeTrack, FreeForm, FreeBand, and FreeStep, amongst others. The only filing that deviates from the pattern is the one that registers the “Huawei Free” brand.

Unfortunately, there is a very small amount of information available that could assist in identifying the real products that are associated with these names. However, the majority of applications are designed for use with headphones, earphones, smart speakers, and other home automation and music player devices. Others go for a much larger variety of electronic gadgets, including computers and mobile phones.

The Huawei Freebuds are currently the sole item that Huawei offers that is marketed under the Free brand. The wireless earbuds were first released in 2018, and were immediately followed by a Pro version that is exclusively available in China at this time.

Some of the monikers registered with the EUIPO indicate that Huawei may be working on new fitness products. The TalkBand B5, the Band 3e, and the Band 3 Pro are some of the company’s most recent products designed specifically for this market segment. There is no way to know for sure whether or not any of these trademarked names will be applied to the finished goods, but it is quite likely that some of them will.

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