The Financier's Guide to the Best Smartwatches (Monitor Shares on the Move)

Are you interested in purchasing a wristwatch for trading stocks or cryptocurrencies but don’t know where to start? Before we start going down the list, you need to have an understanding of what aspects you should focus on before making your choice.

Because there is a fundamental prerequisite that must be met, trading is not supported by all of the smartwatches now available on the market. For instance, in order to install a suitable app for trading, the wristwatch in question has to be operating on a compatible operating system, such as Wear OS (for Android) or Watch OS (for Apple).

When it comes to trading in stocks, options, and funds, the watch app known as Robinhood is by far the most popular choice. In addition, using this software to make investments in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other similar digital assets is available.

Considering that bitcoin represents both the present and the future, investing in it with a view toward the long term can lead to spectacular returns.

A smartwatch, when used independently of your smartphone, will assist you in monitoring the appropriate price at which to make a purchase. Because of this, I have decided to write a piece on the best wearables for trading while wearing them on your wrist.

How to Determine Which Smartwatch Is the Most Appropriate for Trading 

1. Operating System 

As I said earlier, the most popular trading software accessible for investing in stocks, options, funds, and cryptocurrency is Robinhood. This app allows users to buy and sell a wide variety of assets, including cryptocurrencies. Installing this software will thus require a platform that is supported. Choosing the appropriate operating system is essential at this stage. The Robinhood app may be installed on smartwatches that use either the Wear OS (for Android) or the Watch OS operating system (for Apple).

Wear OS is the most likely operating system to be found on an Android wristwatch, which you will find if you decide to buy one. However, Watch OS is only available on Apple series watches, which are significantly more expensive than devices running Wear OS.

2. Display 

The responsiveness of the touch screen is enhanced by the size of the panel. Therefore, the bare minimum for a screen should be 1.3 inches, which allows for sufficient room for user interaction. Because of this, the display ought to be touch-enabled so that interacting with it is simpler.

Additionally, the brightness of the display should be able to be adjusted on the wristwatch, since this would allow you to see more clearly even in bright environments. Additionally able can be modified to the standard lighting conditions.

3. The Life of the Battery 

Depending on how the watch is worn, a quality timepiece should have a battery life of at least one or two days under typical conditions. Taking part in trading activities will need you to switch the display on many times, which will cause the amount of power drawn from the battery to increase.

If engaging in activities related to stock trading is the major reason you want to get a smartwatch, then the battery life of a single day should be sufficient.

4. Price 

What kind of price range are you looking at for the smartwatch? Please remember that the Wear OS and Watch OS will have a price tag that is greater than one hundred dollars. Therefore, you should set your minimal budget at this amount in order to satisfy the aforementioned conditions.

Therefore, you will need to determine how much money you are able to spend on it. In general, a superior smartwatch for stock trading may be purchased for between $100 and $150.

1. TicWatch S2 - Best in Budget 

  • Wear OS is an operating system developed by Google.
  • The display is a touchscreen measuring 1.4 inches.
  • The lifespan of the battery: one day (normal usage)
  • Robinhood is the supported trading application.

Wear OS by Google is preinstalled on the Reddot Award-winning TicWatch S2, which also comes standard with the device. This watch has a rugged appearance, making it an excellent choice for sports and other activities that take place outside. It contains bands made of silicone, which give the impression of being very comfortable to the touch.

The MIL-STD-810G certification ensures that the TicWatch S2 is able to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, including shock, vibration, heat, cold, and humidity. The casing of the watch is made out of scratch-resistant polycarbonate, which provides an additional layer of defence. And the scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 3 coating on the screen.

In addition, the watch is equipped with a multitude of health and fitness monitoring functions that can keep up with your day-to-day activities. This involves keeping track of things like your heart rate, steps, calories, and so on. In addition, it already has the most popular fitness monitoring software, which is known as Google Fit, pre-installed on it. On the other hand, applications like Strava and Runkeeper may be downloaded and installed for improved tools and performance.

Despite the fact that the TicWatch S2 is water-resistant up to a depth of 50 metres, wearing it while engaging in sports such as swimming is not particularly suggested. Do not dunk it in boiling water to avoid harm.

This watch has a reasonable amount of power reserve in its battery. According to Mobvoi, the watch has a battery life of about one day when used in regular mode and around 18 hours when used intensively (this number may vary).

Installing the Robinhood app from the Play Store will allow you to engage in stock trading. Because of this, you will be able to make investments in stocks, funds, and cryptocurrencies while you are on the move. To install, navigate to the app list, scroll down and tap PlayStore, then search for “Robinhood” and finally click the Install button.

Or, you may just ask “What’s the stock price of the Tesla” to the Google Assistant and have all the information shown to you in a single glance.

My Favorite Aspects of the TicWatch S2 

Having Wear OS as its operating system enables the TicWatch S2 to be a great smartwatch at an affordable price. It also opens up a wide range of options. For example, we are now able to download a wide variety of helpful applications, such as Messenger, Spotify, Uber, Strava, and so on.

This particular smartwatch is not only equipped with a plethora of cutting-edge features that are suitable for use in the great outdoors but it is also designed to withstand a variety of environmental factors. It incorporates GPS, Glonass, and Beidou into its design, allowing for improved navigation when running and cycling.

The display is capable of being customised and personalised to a remarkable degree thanks to the availability of up to thousands of watch faces that can be downloaded from Google Play.

Besides, google assistant makes jobs incredibly easy. Simply raise your wrist and start talking; Google Assistant will always have the proper response ready for you.

The Things That I Dislike About the TicWatch S2 

In point of fact, Google Assistant enables users to have access to information and carry out actions in a matter of seconds, but it does not provide a spoken response. At this pricing point, Mobvoi could have easily included an inbuilt speaker into the TicWatch S2, but they chose not to do so.


  • Wear OS enables a wide variety of new opportunities.
  • Certification According to Military Standards
  • Includes scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 3 screen protection for added peace of mind.
  • GPS integrated right in
  • Tracking one’s health and fitness may be accomplished with its help.
  • The Google Assistant is available to assist at any time.


  • There are no speakers for the answer from the Google Assistant.
  • 2. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle – Best in Medium Range
  • Wear OS is an operating system developed by Google.
  • Touchscreen display measuring 1.7 inches
  • Battery life is one to two days (normal usage)
  • Robinhood is the supported trading application.

Fossil’s smartwatches almost always provide quality in every facet of their design. Fossil differentiates out from the competition in many aspects, including its capacity to be customised, its performance, and its looks. Because the company understands what it is necessary to provide in order to make the product profitable, it has become the most well-recognised brand.

Wear OS has been preinstalled on yet another wearable on our list, the Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle, which is manufactured by Fossil. If there is one thing that stands out, it is undoubtedly its stylish appearance. The watch’s stylish appearance allows it to be worn with a wide variety of garments, allowing you to look your very best in a variety of settings. Because of its design, the watch is suitable for use in more official settings.

The Fossil Gen 5 has a display that is far bigger than its predecessor, and it also performs significantly better. It has a display that is 1.7 inches in size, making it rather large and giving you sufficient room for interaction. Because the display can be seen quite well even in broad daylight, brightness won’t be an issue.

The Fossil Gen 5 can operate for up to two days on its internal battery before needing to be recharged. The fact that these results were achieved is rather remarkable considering that the majority of the other Wear OS smartwatches only have a life expectancy of one day before they need to be recharged again.

For stock trading, it is advised that you utilise the Robinhood app because it is compatible with the Wear OS platform. To install it, you will need to perform the same steps as before: navigate to your app list, scroll down and tap PlayStore, search for “Robinhood,” and then click “Install.”

In the same way that you can talk freely to the Watch to find out the current stock price in a matter of seconds, you can do the same thing here with Google Assistant by asking a question such as “What was today’s price per share for Walt Disney?” You should thank your lucky stars that the Fossil Gen 5 is equipped with internal speakers so that you can communicate with it using your voice. After all, receiving an answer in the form of a phone call is far handier than reading the entire text.

Overall, The Fossil Gen 5 may easily remain at the top of the list if you are seeking the finest smartwatch to use for professional purposes.

What I Like About Fossil Gen 5 

When it comes to the trading of stocks, the Fossil Gen 5 provides the finest performance. It has a Snapdragon Wear 3100 CPU, which is the most powerful one that Fossil has produced to this point, so there won’t be any latency or other performance difficulties. Aside from that, get to the store and download some fantastic apps till the 8 GB of internal storage is full.

In addition, because the Fossil Gen 5 has internal speakers, it is possible to answer calls without using your smartphone, which makes the process of taking and making phone calls far more convenient.

The Fossil Gen 5 has all of the basic functions that you will require, such as an integrated GPS, Activity Tracking, and Health Tracking, as well as Electronic Transfers, Bluetooth Calls, and more.

What I Don’t Like About Fossil Gen 5 

If your primary intention is to use it for stock trading, then the pricing doesn’t do justice to the number of features and capabilities that the Fossil Gen 5 has to offer. I agree with you on that point. In my view, you should only wager money on it if you have sufficient funds available to spend.


  • Stunning appearance combined with outstanding functionality.
  • Take calls from the palm of your hand.
  • Internal GPS receiver.
  • Google Assistant is able to answer thanks to the internal speaker.
  • Battery Life That Is Reasonable


  • If the primary motive is to check stock levels, it is rather expensive.

3. The Apple Watch Series 5 Is an Exceptional Option 

  • Watch OS is the name of the operating system.
  • Touchscreen display measuring 1.78 inches
  • The lifespan of the battery: one day (normal usage)
  • Apps like Robinhood and the in-built Stock app are among those that are supported for trading.

Apple has established an impressive presence among the premium wearables that are now on the market. There is already a large number of functionality accessible without installing the app. The Apple Watch Series comes with a standard software already installed, allowing users to keep tabs on the market even while they’re on the move.

It displays, in essence, all of the stocks that can be found in the Stocks app on your iPhone, but it also makes it possible to control those stocks directly from your wrist. On the Apple Watch, there is a comprehensive tutorial that explains how to utilise the stocks app. Make certain that you look into it.

I have an Apple Watch Series 5, is it possible to install the Robinhood app? Of course, you can. As was said earlier, the Robinhood app is available for both the Wear OS by Google and the Watch OS by Apple, which means that it is compatible with devices that run on either of both operating systems.

How to Buy and Sell Stocks Using the Robinhood App on Your Apple Watch 

Watch OS 6 is preinstalled on every Apple Watch Series 5 and is ready to use straight out of the box. There are a number of alternative investing applications that are supported by the Watch OS in addition to the Robinhood app. These apps include Personal Capital, E-Trade, Fidelity, Openfolio, CNBC, and Morningstar, among others.

One of the benefits of owning a premium gadget is increased storage space.

Launch the App Store on your Apple Watch and follow the on-screen prompts to install apps. To begin, select the Search Bar >. Say or Write the Name of the App (For Example, “Robinhood”) > Tap Done > After you have located it, select “Get” to begin the installation process, and then validate your action by pressing and holding the side button twice.

You may also check stocks on your Apple Watch by asking Siri questions about them. For example, you might ask, “What was today’s closing price for Tesla?” In addition, Siri will provide you with information that is reliable.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is equipped with a fall detection capability that can determine whether you have ever experienced a heavy fall; it can then send an alert to your family members in the event of an emergency. The Apple Series 5 watch has a battery life of about 18 hours, however, this number can be much higher or lower depending on how the watch is used.

My Favorite Features of the Apple Watch Series 5 

The display on the Apple Watch Series 5 is astonishingly large, providing an additional 30 per cent of room compared to its predecessor. It is wonderful to have a wider display space for texts since this makes it much easier to read and engage with the content.

The Apple Watch Series 5 has the ability to monitor a variety of health and fitness metrics, such as steps, calories, hourly movement, hours spent standing, relaxation, and VO2 Max. In addition to workouts such as swimming, riding, practising yoga, going fishing, and using an elliptical machine.

In addition, the Apple Watch Series 5 enables you to respond to incoming phone calls and text messages directly from your wrist, which makes it easier to live without a smartphone.

The Things That Annoy Me Most About the New Apple Watch Series 5 

Even the Series 5 Apple Watch doesn’t have a very long battery life, unlike the other generations of Apple Watch. The typical amount of time that a single charge will last is between 18 and 19 hours. It’s possible that the Always-on display or applications running in the background are the primary culprits behind the battery draining considerably more quickly.

Disabling Automatic Override Detection (AOD), lowering the number of notifications received, switching to the power-saving mode, and following a few more suggestions are some of the things that HowToGeek suggests doing to make this better.

Apple maintains its own ecosystem, therefore the Apple Watch cannot be used with any smartphone that does not run iOS. This implies that you will not be able to link your Apple Watch with an Android smartphone.


  • A premium timepiece that has a stylish appearance.
  • The display is made using a large OLED.
  • Includes a variety of capabilities for keeping track of your fitness, including ECG monitoring.
  • Integrated with a diverse selection of investment-related mobile apps.
  • Perfect for usage in professional settings.


  • The lifespan of the Battery
  • Expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions 

On Wear OS, which clock face is the most effective for monitoring stock prices?

There is an app for Android Wear called MyStocks that can be downloaded from the Google Play store for use with Wear OS to track stock prices. It functions as a watch face and enables you to remain current on the equities and financial markets without taking your hand off your wrist.

How Can I Show Stock Information on the Face of My Apple Watch? 

Simply following these instructions will allow you to view stock information on your Apple Watch:

  1. Before anything else, you need to put the Stock Complication on the watch face.
  2. Launch the Apple Watch app that’s been downloaded to your iPhone.
  3. Navigate to My Watch > Stocks > Select your preferred Stock as the default.
  4. Now, to select the information that you want to be displayed, touch the option that is located underneath the default stock choice. Your options are the Latest Price, Points Increase, Amount Of change, or Market Cap.

Note that the Apple Watch will only show you the most recently viewed stocks on your iPhone.

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