The Finest Digital Gadgets Designed for Older People

The Finest Digital Gadgets Designed for Older People

An introduction to smart gadgets geared toward individuals over the age of 65.

The advancement of phone technology has made it possible for everyone to have access to at least one feature. On the other hand, these devices have customarily been marketed at a younger demographic knowledgeable about technology and interested in the next trend. However, people of a more mature generation would likewise benefit from the same technology, its practical and entertaining applications.

This viewpoint is evolving even more as technology companies come to the realization that senior citizens may profit from using smartphones. It seems to reason that the requirements of elderly users will vary from those posed by their younger contemporaries. However, there are various ways in which one can contribute to the group and make a difference.

The results of recent surveys and research confirm that older individuals are becoming more tech savvy. For instance, the number of people above the age of 75 who are using smartphones has been steadily increasing over the past several years. To be more specific, the percentage of people who use smartphones increased to 18 percent in 2017, up from 8 percent in 2015 and 15 percent in 2016.

People who are comfortable using smartphones are likely to be more open to trying out new technologies, such as smartwatches and activity trackers. Therefore, they are no longer marketed toward athletes or those concerned with their appearance.

The smartwatch is gaining in popularity and has the potential to provide its wearer with a variety of advantages and freedom. However, when paired with an older person’s phone, a smartwatch’s limited display, finicky buttons, and convoluted configuration process might be overwhelming. This is a guide that we’ve put together to assist you in navigating the market for smartwatches.

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What to look for when purchasing a Smartwatch for an older person

It would appear that the smartwatches designed specifically for older persons that are now on the market can be divided into one of two categories:

A smartwatch with the primary functions of monitoring one’s health and tracking location.

A smartwatch with these features and built-in app storage, and the ability to connect to cellular networks.

How do you determine which of the functions on your smartwatch are the most useful to you?

When selecting a wearable, there are a few essential factors that should be taken into consideration:

  • If you already own a smartphone, check that the smartwatch’s operating system is compatible with the one on your device. An Apple Watch, for instance, is incompatible with any device other than an iPhone.
  • If you are interested in the medical elements, you should make sure that your model contains an electrocardiogram, a heart rate sensor, and oxygen saturation monitoring.
  • You should look for a feature with incident detection and an SOS button if you wish to have those capabilities since they may be useful for senior people.
  • The lifespan of the battery is essential. When you have a lot of devices that need to be charged, it’s easy to forget about them, which is why having batteries that last a long time is so important. If the smartwatch is going to be utilized for safety purposes when the wearer is away from home, this capability is essential.
  • Examine the band and the clasp to determine whether or not you can make use of them. It is in your best interest to opt for a watch that allows you to change the bands whenever you want.
  • Investigate the various application options that are compatible with the smartwatch.
  • Which kind of interface—one with buttons or one with a touch screen—is preferred?

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When are senior citizens best served by avoiding the usage of a smartwatch?

When purchasing a smartwatch for an older person, it is important to consider whether or not the watch will provide the wearer with a sense of security. A panic button can be programmed into a device, and pendant alarms can serve the same function; however, a smartwatch is much simpler to keep track of and wear at the appropriate times.

Recent wristwatch models, such as the Apple Watch Series 6, have included fall detection capabilities. This is a sensor that will send an alarm to the emergency contact if the user is found to have been still for more than a minute after falling.

The ability to monitor one’s health is a function found on several smartwatches. In addition to this, it is an area that is constantly being improved so that older citizens who use the watches can consistently update the data on their fitness. Options for health monitoring have elements that are both interactive and simple to use, and they may be used to track progress as well as general health.

A reminder for an important event, such as a doctor’s visit or medication, can be set into a smartwatch in the same way that it can be programmed into a smartphone. A smartwatch can be an effective memory aid for people with dementia, helping them to keep track of basic information such as the date and the year.


Wearable technology for the elderly

Watches from Apple’s 6, 7, and SE series

The Apple Watch is a well-known smartwatch that people of all ages wear. Although they are expensive, the Apple Series 7, Series 6, and SE each include several features that can assist senior citizens. Depending on the size of your spending limit, the SE will set you back less money, the six will set you back more money, and the Series 7 will set you back approximately $500 USD.

Using an Apple Watch as an SOS and medical identification device in an emergency

Because Apple watches run on the WatchOS platform, users have access to a large variety of health-related applications. Notifications for high/low/irregular heart rate and SOS emergency dialing and water resistance are among these features.

Both the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch 7 include a fall detection system as well as the capability to make emergency calls internationally.

All three iterations of the Apple Watch come equipped with two different display sizes, a touch and button interface (a digital crown and a button on the side, respectively), a comfortable band with a buckle clasp, and a digital crown.

The Series 7 also has a feature called an “always-on display,” which allows users to get essential information quickly and easily. Additionally, you can purchase the GPS version or the GPS version plus cellular service. The latter eliminates the requirement of carrying an iPhone with you at all times.

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Galaxy Watch by Samsung 

The Samsung Galaxy has everything you might want in a smartwatch, including the ability to move quickly and look good doing it. Samsung, the company that competes with Apple in this market, provides a number of different models, including the Galaxy Watch4, the Watch Active 2, and the Galaxy Fit2. If you want the most features and a display that is more visible, then the Watch 4 or the Watch Active 2 is the better option for you.

These two options from Samsung are still your best bet if you want additional functions for tracking your fitness, improved musical skills, and a generally better display for people with older eyes. Even though the Galaxy Fit 2 is an excellent fitness tracker, some senior citizens may discover that it does not adequately satisfy their requirements.

It’s possible that a lot is going on behind the scenes with this device if it’s being developed by a smartphone powerhouse like Samsung. However, this does not always imply that it is a terrible choice for older people, particularly if the user is familiar with the technology and is willing to experiment with high-end wearable equipment.

The fact that iPhones are not currently supported is currently the sole significant limitation. The Samsung Watch 4 is an excellent option to consider purchasing if you are an Android user.

Lily of the Garmin

The Garmin Lily is a fantastic watch that Garmin has produced; it is particularly appealing to ladies but might also work well for older people. The ease of use, cost, and performance of the solution and the event detection and SOS features that it provides were the primary factors that led us to select it as a leading contender. Because of these factors, it is an excellent option for older adults.

Tap the face of your watch three times to send a message to your emergency contacts, informing them that you require assistance. Even though you need to be inside the phone’s range for it to function, this technology still has the potential to save your life. Additionally, the Lily is able to detect if you have fallen and will initiate the process of calling for help if it does.

It’s not hard to keep track of time with this watch because there aren’t any sophisticated functions to fiddle with. It is an excellent smartwatch to have, and the price tag comes in at less than $200.

The Sense by Fitbit

The latest offering from Fitbit is the company’s most comprehensive one yet. The Fitbit Sense stands out from other Fitbit models because of the advanced health, fitness, and stress monitoring and management functions that come standard with the device.

Monitoring of the user’s heart rate, sleep quality, ECG, and EDA are all included. In addition to that, a GPS is already incorporated within the device. In addition, Fitbit is looking into blood pressure monitoring capabilities for Sense.

There are others who believe it is on par with other popular smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch.

Versa 3 by Fitbit

The Sense and the Versa 3 both have many of the same capabilities for tracking your health. However, the Versa 3 is available at a lesser cost. However, for this amount, you will receive a marginally more compact case than the one seen on the Sense, but the display size will remain the same.

Both variants of Fitbit can sense your body temperature, monitor your heart rate using the company’s distinctive Pulse 2.0 sensor, and keep track of the number of steps you take and the amount of sleep you get. Regardless of which Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker you decide to purchase, you can be assured that you are purchasing a product from a reputable manufacturer. Your budget and how active a senior you are will typically decide which Fitbit model you choose with.

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Smart Watch by Ndur

Because of its emphasis on health and fitness, the Ndur smartwatch, which is still relatively new in the market for smartwatches, has earned a favorable position in this evaluation. The tracking of your blood pressure and all of the other typical health tracking functions is the primary benefit that is now available. This is not to be confused with a piece of medical equipment, but it can be a useful addition to a list of other basic features and benefits that are required for older people.

It is an attractive watch that, in terms of the value it delivers for the price, can go up against brands that cost significantly more. To summarize, having a look at it would be a wise decision.

You can purchase the NDur smartwatch on eBay right now.

The Lively Wearable2

Even though it might be a stretch to call this a smartwatch, it is still something that should be brought out. To begin, there is no output screen to be found.

Instead, it establishes a direct connection with your smartphone so that it can remind you of your daily step count and offer you some helpful advice. However, functioning as a smartwatch is not the primary goal of this product.

The Lively Wearable2 is a mobile medical alert system that provides the user with a quicker way to connect with aid when they need it. With just the push of a button on the device, the Lively app will put you in touch with a member of the Urgent Response Team. In addition, if worn in conjunction with the Fall Detection Lanyard, it will also call for help if the wearer has a fall.

Additionally, it has a battery life of four months before it needs to be recharged, and it is waterproof so that it may be worn in the shower.

Smart Watch by HandsFree Health 

The HandsFree Health Smart Watch takes a conventional approach to the design of smartwatches. Nevertheless, it is loaded with capabilities such as two-way, four-generation SOS communication with help available around the clock, GPS tracking, voice commands to obtain weather updates, seek medical advice, schedule medicine reminders, and more. In addition to that, it can monitor your heart rate and keep track of the number of steps you take. Either eBay or Amazon is where you can get the HandsFree Health Smartwatch.

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Conclusions about the use of smartwatches by older adults

There is little question that the market for smartwatches aimed at people over 65 is expanding, with the fundamental concern being protection. However, there is no reason why people of more mature age shouldn’t be able to effectively use smartwatches marketed to those of a younger age.

A growing number of senior citizens are becoming more aware of the advantages and significance of using smartwatches to monitor their general health, including their blood pressure and body temperature. Learn more about the significance of this by reading on.

When selecting a smartwatch, the price is something that many individuals of a certain age will consider. In the current market, there are many viable options available at a reasonable price.

In the end, one can’t really place a price tag on health, and if a wristwatch might genuinely aid in improving your health, the value is priceless. In other words, you can’t really put a price tag on health.

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