The First Genuine Smart Glasses to be Released by Huawei Feature a Detachable Frame Design

This morning, Huawei announced the launching of the Huawei Smart Glasses, which feature lenses that one can swap out. An embedded version of HarmonyOS serves as the driving force behind the technology. The colossal Chinese technology company already possessed two different types of intelligent glass goods. But the most recent one is the first product to include all of the features.

Huawei Smart Glasses

The business anticipates that the new spectacles will become “your next smart personal helper” and has big hopes for them. In contrast to its forerunners, the glasses are powered by an operating system that is exclusive to Huawei. Earlier iterations of the intelligent specifications supported only audio input.

The lenses of the Huawei Smart Glass may be changed out, as can be shown in the following video. Because one can remove the front panel, these can be changed out as a single item. Magnets are used to secure everything in place on the frame. That is a pretty ingenious solution, indicating that you will have no trouble switching things about. The design of the frame, which allows it to be taken apart, also makes the glasses a fashion accessory.

The following are the available frames:

  • Three vintage and contemporary eyeglasses
  • Boston frame
  • Wellington frame
  • Aviator frame

In addition, there are right and left bone 128mm ultra-thin large-amplitude loudspeakers located on each limb of the spectacles. One speaker is located on each arm. This features an open auditory architecture and utilizes an inverted sound field acoustic technology to minimize the amount of sound that escapes. This is supplemented with a dual MIC that features an anti-wind noise design, which enables the glasses to pick up the clarity of your voice even while you are outside.

There is some functionality related to health built-in, including the ability to alert you if you are hunching while you are using it. In order to accomplish this, the accelerometer and gyroscope found in the glasses are utilized to evaluate the cervical spine loading and assess trends in the wearer’s head posture.

The sensors can determine when you are wearing the eyewear and will then automatically play weather forecasts and your itinerary for the day. Additional capabilities include the capacity to broadcast brief messages, information regarding travel, reminders, and a variety of other options. At long last, customers now have the ability to control audio playback from a linked smartphone, as well as accept or reject incoming calls.

The Huawei smart glasses have a run time of up to 16 hours after a full charge, they are compatible with cable and magnetic charging, and they can charge from the front and the back. The battery needs to be charged for around ten minutes before playing music for eighty minutes. In addition, the glasses have a lifetime waterproof rating of IPX4 and can be used routinely in wet environments or when engaging in activities that generate sweat.

Huawei’s Smart Watches Pricing and Availability

The company developed the earlier iterations of Huawei’s smart glasses in conjunction with the designer Gentle Monster. On the other hand, it appears that only Huawei is capable of producing these.

Earlier, Huawei made a number of product announcements, including the Smart Glasses, the Huawei Watch D, and a few more items. They will be offered for sale in China at a price of 1,699 yuan (about $270) for the version with optical lenses and 1,899 yuan (approximately $300) for the sunglasses version.

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