The first linked balancing scale in the world is Zibrio SmartScale


Zibrio is not your typical weighing device. Yes, it provides you with your weight, but it also monitors your balance and fall risk.

Why would I want to track these indicators, you might be asking. For many years, scientists and astronauts have recognised the value of maintaining equilibrium. It is crucial to both mobility and your overall wellness. Along with strength, endurance, and flexibility, it is an essential part of fitness. It makes sense that balance training is so popular right now.

To receive a score on how well you are balancing, you simply stand on the scale for 60 seconds. Your body’s minute movements and the pressure felt under your feet are both measured by the scale. The AI then determines the locations of the stable and unstable patterns. Low balance and a high risk of falling are indicated by scores below 3. You are safe if your score is more than 7.

By letting you know what is assisting and hindering your balance, the companion smartphone app teaches you how to raise your score. You can keep tabs on your balance over time using the software.

The business has collaborated with Memorial Hermann Hospital, UT Physicians, and two physical therapy clinics to carry out clinical trials in order to assure accuracy. A fall risk assessment and clinical balance measurement gold standard were used to validate the Zibrio readings.

Zibrio appears to be a really innovative device that could be helpful for seniors, those recovering from injuries, serious athletes, and more. The Indiegogo campaign to make it a reality is around halfway to its target with 16 days left.

Cost: $199 and above


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