The first swim tracker from Waterfi has been released

Waterfi, a company whose primary mission is to make consumer electronics such as those produced by Apple and Fitbit more resistant to water damage, has introduced its own swim tracker.

This San Diego-based company will take your existing fitness trackers, headphones, iPods, or Kindles and apply a chemical to them that will completely cover the device and create an insulating barrier around all of the components.This barrier protects the device from hazards such as chlorine, salt water, sweat, and shock that could be caused by direct contact with these substances.

This technology has been implemented, for instance, in some of the most well-known fitness trackers produced by Fitbit, such as the Charge 2 and the Alta HR. You will effectively be getting a Fitbit that can withstand water immersion of up to 25 feet deep.

Even if this makes the wearable you already have water-resistant, your reliable gadget will still be unable to track your activities while you are swimming. As a result of this, Waterfi has resolved to develop an original product that is specifically geared toward swimmers.

The Swim Tracker is a device that is designed to be worn on the back of the head, and it has an attachment that can be attached to goggles. The device has a durable and lightweight construction, and its outer shell is coated in silicone, which provides a surface that makes it simple to use even when one’s hands are wet.

The compact device can record a wide variety of data, such as the number of laps you swim, the number of strokes you make, the calories you burn, the number of breaths you take, as well as the distance you go. The operation is really easy to understand. Users only need to push one button on the device in order to begin tracking or to cease tracking their activity. At the conclusion of your workout, the tracker will automatically and wirelessly upload all of your statistics to the Waterfi App, where you will be able to assess how well you have performed.

“We noticed that watches are inherently terrible swim trackers because they only track one hand and not the rest of the body,” explained founder Royce Nicholas. “This is because watches only track one hand and not the rest of the body.”

“The quality of the data acquired during a swim was significantly improved by using a swim tracker that was positioned on the swimmer’s head.”

According to the manufacturer, the wearable is extremely precise and makes use of the same tracking technology that can be found in virtual reality headsets, drones, and even spaceships. Its algorithm will, over time, learn your particular swimming technique, which will result in improved tracking quality with each swim you take.

The Waterfi has a grade of IPX8 for its water resistance (up to 30 feet underwater indefinitely). It includes a rechargeable battery that is built in, and it has a lifespan of 13 hours without ever requiring replacement.

You can purchase the handy device right now at

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