The Fitbit Ionic will be available for purchase on October 1st, and its software development kit (SDK) will be released tomorrow

On October 1st, the Fitbit Ionic, the company’s first smartwatch, will officially begin rolling out to customers all around the world. Furthermore, the company announced that its newest headphones will be available for purchase on the same day.

Fitbit Ionic is being hailed as the product that has the potential to turn around Fitbit’s sales, which have been declining over the course of the past year. Do not be fooled into thinking that the Apple Watch competitor is primarily a smartwatch because it comes with smartwatch capabilities such as an app store and the ability to make NFC payments. Nonetheless, the fitness tracker comes first and the smartwatch comes second.

The watch was unveiled at the end of the previous month and is equipped with improvements to the heart rate sensor in addition to the ability to measure blood oxygen levels. There is a workout helper, a built-in GPS, and water resistance that is equal to 50 meters. With a battery life that lasts for 5 days, it provides Apple with a clear challenge to work toward.

“We defined the fitness tracker industry 10 years ago and look forward to doing the same with the category of smartwatches,” said James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit. “We will deliver what people want most and have not yet seen in a smartwatch,” Park added.

“Ionic offers up to 5 days of battery life for 24/7 health tracking and insights, advanced health and fitness features, enhanced heart rate and dynamic sleep tools paired with the smart functionality consumers need on the go to stay in touch and simplify their lives,” says Fitbit. “Ionic also features advanced health and fitness features, enhanced heart rate, and dynamic sleep tools.”

The Ionic includes on-board storage for up to 300 songs and Bluetooth compatibility for cordless headphones, allowing you to be fully liberated from your tethered relationship to your phone. The headphones, which mark the first time that the company has entered the market for headphones, may be pre-ordered for the price of $130, and the shipping date is set for October 1st.

You can place a pre-order for an Ionic watch right now on Amazon and a few other retail stores if you’re interested in purchasing one. It is available in silver with a blue-gray band, grey with a charcoal band, and burnt orange with a blue band, and each one can be purchased for a price that is somewhat less than $300.

In connection with this, Fitbit also made the announcement that beginning on September 26, its software development kit (SDK) will be accessible to everyone. This will make it possible for anyone with even a basic understanding of coding to construct apps and clock faces for the Ionic.

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