The fitness tracker and headphones in one TalkBand B5 from Huawei are scheduled to be released on July 18th.

Huawei has not abandoned the concept of combining a wearable fitness tracker with a pop-out Bluetooth headphone in any way. Even though it has been quite a while since the TalkBand B3 was first introduced to the market, a subsequent model is currently in the process of being developed. The introduction of TalkBand B5 will take place on July 18th, 2018, according to an announcement that Huawei just made on its homepage on the Weibo website.

The initial implementation of the idea was on Huawei’s TalkBand B1 in the year 2014. This wasn’t your average piece of wearing merchandise. Instead, it was a peculiar device consisting of a Bluetooth headset that could be concealed discretely under a fitness band. Why I can almost hear you asking? Obviously, so that you may continue to make phone calls even when you are moving about.

The appropriately called TalkBand not only allows you to monitor your activities but also allows you to communicate with other people. Using the straightforward fast release mechanism, the OLED screen measuring 1.4 inches may be removed from the band itself. This component of the wearable may be detached and used independently as a Bluetooth headset for a single ear.

It is now quite evident that Huawei is still exploring the possibility of doing so. Evan Blass, a tech writer for Venture Beat and a well-known insider in the sector, was the source of the first leak. To demonstrate his point, he tweeted a picture of TalkBand B5.

The Huawei TalkBand B5 leak demonstrates the company’s continued efforts to include a Bluetooth device in a fitness band.

Regrettably, there have been no leaks of the band’s specifications, although it is strikingly similar to the TalkBand B3, which was introduced four years ago. Only the most observant person will notice the minor design adjustments, like as the bigger OLED screen. If the image is any indication, there will be two distinct versions of the wearable device: one with brown suede and a golden-hued frame for the fitness monitoring module, and another with a silver metal frame. Both will be available. In both situations, the centre of the animal is coloured black.

Despite the fact that the band appears to be mostly the same, it is likely that Huawei has made some upgrades to the internals. In case you’re curious about the absence of the number B4, the answer is that Huawei chose to ignore it out of respect for superstition. In China, the number four is thought to be bad because the character for “four” sounds close to the character for “death,” which is written as “s.”

A week from now, both the 2-in-1 wearable and the Nova 3 smartphone will be available for purchase. The launching ceremony will take place at the Shenzhen Universiade Stadium in China at nine in the morning local time.

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