The Garmin Approach S62: A Golfer's Timepiece

Golfers have shown a consistent level of interest in Garmin’s Approach line of products over the years. The brand-new Approach S62 is a game-changer because of its great GPS, maps, and features that will make it easy to keep track of everything you are doing on the golf course.

When did Garmin first start selling the Approach S62?

Anyone obsessed with golf will be thrilled to hear that Garmin has just introduced a brand new watch that they call the Approach S62. Imagine a watch with an exceptional GPS and more than 41,000 pre-loaded course maps and a vast array of functions that will monitor everything you do when you are swinging the clubs.

It has a starting price of £479.99, and while many people would think it to be an enormous expense, it is crucial to consider the value that this watch can bring to your sport as well as to your day-to-day life. Because it is constructed to last, we are confident that you will continue to wear it on your arm for many years to come after you purchase it.

Which Features Are Included with the Purchase of the Garmin Approach S62?

The truth about this watch is that it is most likely one of the best timepieces now available on the market. It boasts a 1.3-inch full-color display that is both crystal clear and far larger than displays found in prior generations. A plethora of high-quality content will start your game moving in the right direction! The following are a few examples to give you an idea of what you can look forward to:

PlaysLike Distance is a tool that will assist you in adjusting your yardages, allowing you to compensate for both uphill and downhill shots while also assisting you in perfecting your precision.

You have the opportunity to check out all of the risks on the map with the Hazard View feature, which provides you with all of the information you require to play the game without running into any problems.

The Virtual Caddie is the ideal companion for your game since it can suggest the appropriate club to use based on the hole you are currently playing. It even considers how well your club performed in the past as well as information about the wind. You may rest assured that every shot will be arranged to your satisfaction when you use this caddy.

PinPointer is a tool that can assist you in setting up for a shot when you do not have a clear view of the target by pointing out the exact path to the pin.

Green View is a helpful tool that illustrates the contours of the green and enables you to position the pin exactly where you need it to be in order to complete the hole. It provides you with the most accurate yardage readings possible.

Autoshot will record each shot you take in addition to measuring the distance between you and the subject of the shot.

The Approach S62 app works just as hard as the watch itself and will inform you of the current stats being tracked by the watch while you are competing. Imagine having your handicap index, the proportion of shots you hit and missed, and the percentage of greens in regulation sent directly to your wrist. When you have an S62, there is literally no room for speculation because everything you need to know is right there in front of you in an app and a watch.

If you enjoy competing against other players, you can use this app to challenge your friends located in different regions of the world and find out which among them is the absolute best player currently available.

Is the Garmin Approach S62 Designed Exclusively for Use on the Golf Course?

The wonderful thing about this watch is that, despite the fact that it is an excellent option for wearing on the golf course, it is also notable for use in everyday life. You can look forward to seeing your e-mails and texts on the display, and you’ll also be able to pay for your post-game refreshments using your watch. Both of these features will be available soon.

You could go for a jog, swim, or cycle knowing that all of those stats will be put to your tracker because the watch can track a variety of exercises and automatically upload them to your tracker. You will also have access to a blood oxygen sensor as well as a heart rate monitor so that you can monitor your vital signs whenever you like.

Garmin is well-known for producing high-quality batteries, and the Approach S62 is not any different from the company’s other models in this regard. You can also anticipate a long battery life, which contributes to this watch’s appeal as an excellent choice for day-to-day use. You may use the GPS for up to 20 hours straight or for up to 14 days straight without using the GPS, so it is easy to see why so many people choose to wear this device all day long.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a Garmin Approach S62?

The Garmin Approach S62 is a serious golf watch that comes with a tonne of unique features, but we thought it would be helpful to let you know what aspects of the watch are its strongest and weakest points.


An incredible number of golfing features will assist you in improving your game while you are out on the course.Notifications are delivered directly to your wrist to always be up to date with what’s going on.Keeping track of your workouts for activities other than sports will assist you in remaining healthy and fit.When you reach the 19th hole, make your payment directly from your watch.Display in full color, which makes viewing maps simpler than in the past.Excellent battery life, with a duration of up to 2 weeks when the GPS is turned off and up to 20 hours when it is turned on.


The watch is somewhat expensive, coming in at £479.99.

Some exercises cannot be precisely tracked.

Should I Go Ahead and Purchase the Garmin Approach S62?

It would be foolish not to consider the Garmin Approach S62 if the thought of purchasing a new golf watch crosses your mind. Your well-being will be tracked and monitored, and the results will be communicated to you so that you can evaluate your development. It enables you to make purchases and facilitates communication with other players through the use of leader boards. Even activities besides golf can be tracked with this device.

Golf is where it really shines, and if you wear it, you can hope to shine as well when playing the game. This watch was developed specifically with the golfer in mind, and it is designed to perform at the same high level on the course as you do, allowing you to bring your best game every single day of the week. If you make effective use of all of the integrated features, you should be able to expect to enjoy playing each hole without being bothered by blind shots or interruptions caused by the wind.

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