The Garmin Vivomove HR is a sophisticated hybrid smartwatch

The Garmin Vivomove HR is a sophisticated hybrid smartwatch

The Garmin Vivomove HR is a stylish smartwatch and fitness tracker that blends smoothly into daily life.

It’s a smart accessory to combine with professional or informal outfits because it comes in various colors and band types, has virtually imperceptible smarts, and has more functions than its price tag suggests. Is this the smartwatch you’ve been looking for?

Please read our review to learn everything there is to know about this watch.


The Vivomove HR is a trendy makeover of Garmin’s Vivomove smartwatch, a hybrid smartwatch designed to match your daily style.

It mixes the gentle contours of a classic analog clock with unobtrusive smart functionalities that don’t interfere with its attractiveness, rather than the practical or geometric design of a sports watch.

It doesn’t have GPS, but it does have a lot of fun fitness tracking and daily activity monitoring capabilities. A stylish smartwatch created with fashionistas in mind.

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Although the Garmin Vivomove HR lacks other Garmin watches’ fitness and sports tracking functions, it still offers a compelling combination of cost and functionality.

Its fans appreciate the sophisticated characteristics of this Smartwatche when you’re stuck in rush hour traffic or want to read that text without drawing attention while in the middle of a business meeting or conference; smart alerts on your wrist can make all the difference.

Aside from smart notifications, the Vivomove HR may also be a high-end traditional watch. Automatic daylight saving time, a timer and stopwatch function, and a daily alarm are useful features.


The Vivomove HR is designed in the style of a traditional Smartwatche. It comes in a variety of acceptable colors for both men and women, including the trendy, unisex rose gold.

Silicone, suede, and Italian leather straps are several band possibilities. The stunning design is available in two different styles: sports and premium.

The sports version of the HR comes with a standard fiber-reinforced polymer case and a silicone band.

The premium variant has a silicone, suede, or leather strap with a stainless steel case and bezel.

It’s available in two sizes, one for smaller wrists and the other for larger wrists, as well as a one-size-fits-all alternative.

Nothing about this clock screams smart at first appearance, yet the display in the backdrop activates to reveal smart notifications on your wrist.

Double-tapping the glass or flicking your wrist to access the two-line monochrome display to access fitness tracking or smart functions.

One disadvantage is that you can only interact with the watch via the touchscreen, which isn’t the fastest or most responsive on the market.

Another minor fault is the screen’s brightness. It doesn’t get extremely bright, and it’s nearly impossible to see in direct sunshine, staying true to the old watch style.

Apart from these flaws, the Garmin Vivomove HR is a decent wristwatch that may be worn as an attractive Smartwatche.

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Tracking your fitness

The Vivomove HR lacks the fitness tracking and activity monitoring capabilities seen in other Garmin smartwatches. It may, however, be the best option for fitness-conscious persons who aren’t loyal to a certain sport and don’t want to monitor their performance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The MoveIQ technology, which automatically recognizes and records your exercises, is undeniably the best feature of this watch.

You won’t have to start and stop a timer when you start an activity; Instead of taking the elevator, you’re taking the steps or training to be an airport sprinter to make it to the boarding gate on time, Vivomove will detect and record your movement so you can track and meet your daily fitness goal even if you’re too busy to go to the gym.

Vivomove HR is a smart and sophisticated fitness tracker that tracks your heart rate, stress level, and sleep to give you a complete picture of your health and fitness.

It can only offer estimations of your journey distance due to the lack of a GPS, but it performs an excellent job of counting steps, stairs climbed, and daily calorie burn.

The smartwatch is also waterproof and resistant to up to 5 atmospheres of pressure, making it an excellent choice for swimming or running.

Main Benefits

  • Elegant, timeless style that may be worn every day.
  • The touch screen and digital display are subtle.
  • Fitness tracking and accurate wrist heart rate data
  • Throughout the day, stress levels are monitored.
  • Battery life is adequate, lasting up to two weeks in Smartwatche mode and five days in smartwatch mode.

Principal Drawbacks

  • Indirect sunlight, the display is barely readable. There is no GPS.
  • How We Conducted Our Research
  • The Garmin Vivomove HR is a fashionable Smartwatche that may be worn. We put it to the test by wearing it for two weeks straight, at work, at home, during leisure or sporting activities, and while sleeping.
  • It didn’t go unnoticed because it was sleek and stylish. Notifications are displayed in a non-distracting manner. It’s simple to use, albeit the touchscreen isn’t the most responsive.
  • It’s difficult to use in direct sunlight, but we had no problems using it outside in gloomy London.
  • Overall, this is a lovely Smartwatche for fitness enthusiasts who care about their appearance.

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Garmin’s Vivomove HR hybrid smartwatch is one of the best on the market. It has the exquisite appearance of a classic analog clock while adding modern functionality flawlessly.

The Vivomove HR has it all, whether you want to get smart notifications on your wrist or track your overall fitness level.

Indeed, it’s not for fitness freaks. Nonetheless, it’s a reliable and practical Smartwatche that knows how to combine fitness practicality with classic style.

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