The Get in Your Zone challenge from Fitbit will begin on February 22nd

Fitbit’s Get in Your Zone week-long challenge begins on February 22nd if you need a little additional inspiration to get active.

Minutes in the Active Zone

Fitbit’s Active Zone Minutes (AZM) were first introduced on the Charge 4, but they’ve subsequently spread to a variety of devices. Instead of rewarding you just on the basis of your step count, AZM rewards you based on how hard your heart is working.

It all has to do with heart rate zone data. If you’re not sure what it means, see this article for an explanation. You have five different heart rate zones. The higher the zone, the faster your heart is racing.

Each individual’s heart rate zones are different. When Fitbit calculates the data, it considers your resting heart rate, age, and other factors.

The Get in Your Zone challenge from Fitbit will begin on February 22nd.

AZM awards you based on how much time you spend in each heart rate zone. The higher up in the zone you are, the more points you will earn. This type of incentive system makes it simple to determine which workouts are the most beneficial to you. Every week, the average person should aim to score 150 points.

Fitbit chose this based on recommendations from the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization. However, you can set your own goal using the Fitbit smartphone app.

Challenge yourself to get into your zone

The wearables company is now holding a competition based on the metric. A compatible device, such as a Charge 4, Inspire 2, or any Fitbit wristwatch, is required to enter.

Tomorrow, February 22nd, the seven-day competition begins. To get started, open the Fitbit smartphone app and go to the Today screen. There’s a new tile that says “Get in Your Zone” there. When you tap it, a “Get Started” screen will appear. Now select “Join,” which will bring you to the gameplay interface.

The Get in Your Zone challenge from Fitbit will begin on February 22nd. The Get in Your Zone challenge from Fitbit will begin on February 22nd.

You’re not attempting to outsmart anyone. Instead, you’re battling it out with yourself. The goal is to collect as many AZM as possible over the week.

When you reach 75 AZM, you’ll get the Silver badge, 150 AZM for the Gold badge, and 300 AZM for the hardest working Diamond. That should suffice to get you through the next few days.

The smartphone app will display you your present location as well as your distance from the AZM goal. A countdown will show how much time remains until the task is completed. When you hit a target, the app will display a celebratory animation, as you might anticipate.

In reality, every improvement over a standard AZM should be rewarded. So, even if you don’t meet those targets, you should be proud of yourself for making progress. Consistent incremental gains add up to major changes and a healthier lifestyle over time.

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