The governing body of cricket has instructed players to give up wearing smartwatches

On Friday, an anti-corruption inspector told the Pakistan cricket team that they couldn’t use smartwatches while they were playing.

On the first day of the England vs. Pakistan test match, which took place on Thursday, it looked like some players were sporting Apple watches. In order to be in compliance with the anti-corruption laws established by the ICC, smartwatches must be incapable of communicating via WiFi or any other method. The use of communications devices in the area reserved for players and match officials is strictly forbidden. The International Cricket Council (ICC) said in a statement that no player is allowed to use or have in their possession a device that can connect to the internet while they are at the venue.

As a result, we will remind players that such devices, along with their mobile devices, must be surrendered when they arrive at the stadium on match days.

There was no indication that anything improper had occurred, and it is unclear whether the timepieces that were used during play were set to the “on” or “off” position. Hasan Ali, a bowler for Pakistan, stated that an ICC representative spoke to the players as soon as they returned to the dressing room. Hasan Ali corroborated this information.

According to Hasan, he was unaware of who was wearing them; nonetheless, an anti-corruption officer from the ICC came to speak with us, and they cautioned them that what we were doing was against the law.

The next time, no one will use them.

In recent years, match-fixing has emerged as a worry for the International Cricket Council (ICC). A year ago, the anti-corruption team was given the authority to download any and all content from the mobile phones of players in the event that they had reason to suspect misconduct. They are able to accomplish the same thing with smartwatches.

In the past, illegal use of gadgets of this kind has been documented in Major League Baseball. One of the coaches for the Arizona Diamondbacks was punished by Major League Baseball (MLB) for wearing an Apple Watch in the dugout during a National League Wild Card Game at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, during the previous season.

A little over a month ago, the Boston Red Sox were handed a fine for utilizing a Fitbit to get an unfair advantage while they were competing in a game. This new penalty follows in the footsteps of that earlier punishment. It appeared that members of the team’s video staff had communicated the Yankees’ signals to the Red Sox dugout, where they were then relayed to the players on the field.

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