The Health App now includes a new Symptoms monitoring feature in iOS 13.6 beta

The iOS 13.6 Beta, which was released today, includes a new symptom tracking feature. The update also includes a toggle button for determining whether software upgrades should be performed automatically.

According to MacRumors, iOS 13.6 Beta has a new area in the Health app that allows users to swiftly and easily identify a wide range of symptoms. Acne, body and muscular aches, chills, congestion, headaches, and nausea are just a few examples.

To use the new feature, open the Symptoms tab in the Health app and you’ll be provided with a long list of options. When you click on a symptom, you can add data and define details such as severe, moderate, mild, present, or not present.

The iOS 13.6 beta health app now has a Symptoms Tracking area.

A graphic indicating trends is also included, as is Apple’s description of the condition. The purpose here is to provide a mechanism for users to track and document various illness-related symptoms, possibly motivated by the current COVID-19 outbreak. This will enable patients to provide even more information to medical personnel when necessary.

The Health app currently allows you to input symptoms, but only those connected to female health. There is a menstrual tracking option, but this new symptoms area is far more extensive and all-encompassing.

Aside from bug fixes, the beta adds personalization options for iOS updates on iPhones and iPads. This gives you the option of having future installations done automatically when you connect to WiFi. You also have greater control over when these are installed (for example, overnight).

The app is still under beta testing. There is no news on when iOS 13.6 will be released to the public.

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