The Honor Watch GS3 User Opinions, Features and Reviews

The Honor Watch GS3 User Opinions, Features and Reviews

During the MWC 2022 event in Europe, the Honor Watch GS3 was unveiled to the general public for the first time. The device’s capabilities in locating the user via GPS and monitoring their health have been improved.

The company has recently dissolved its ties with Huawei. The company, which had just cut its relations with Huawei, held a massive presentation in August, during which it made the introduction of its flagship smartphone, the Magic3, and revealed the first information on the Honor Watch GS3. Then, at the beginning of 2022, an announcement was made about China, and yesterday, at MWC 2022, an announcement was made concerning Europe in particular.

Oddly enough, we have not come across a GS2, which leads us to believe that this must be the follow-up to the Watch GS Pro that was released the year before. Honor may consider the upgrades to be so substantial that they warrant skipping a number. If so, this would deserve skipping the number.

Following a comprehensive examination of the Watch GS Pro, we came to the realization that it is an exceptional performer in each and every category. The most remarkable features of this device are:

  • The extensive battery life.
  • The multiple sensors and functionalities.
  • The numerous uses it can get out of a single charge.

The only drawback is that there is not much room left over after using the GS Pro. Consequently, it is not an appropriate fit for persons with smaller wrists or women because it is meant for a particular demographic. [Cause and effect] The GS3 standard represents a considerable step toward finding a solution to this issue.

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The Honor Watch GS3: a look at its technical specifications

There are three different forms.

Compared to the Watch GS Pro, the Honor Watch GS3 appears to be somewhat more sophisticated and has a considerably more streamlined design. The rugged exterior has been replaced with something that is significantly more practical for usage in day-to-day life. The device retains its circular design and two physical buttons, in addition to its touchscreen-based interface. On the other hand, the total volume is far lower than it was in the past.

The actual specifications include a screen with a resolution of 466 by 466 pixels and 326 pixels per inch, which is displayed on an AMOLED display measuring 1.43 inches and having a 3D curved glass design. The screen is held in the correct place by a case that is 45.9 millimeters in diameter and is composed of 316L low-carbon stainless steel. It only weighs 44 grams, has a thickness of 10.5 millimeters, and has a water resistance rating of 5 atmospheres. Additionally, it has a water resistance rating of 5 atmospheres.

You have the choice between one of three different iterations of this option. The key aspects that differentiate one model from another are the colors and straps; otherwise, the designs are precisely the same. You will be able to choose between the Racing Pioneer (which has a grey case with a black rubber strap), the Voyager (which has a silver case and a blue Nava leather strap), or the Streamer Classic. Each watch has a different color scheme for the case and the strap (golden case, brown Nava leather strap).

A heart rate sensor with eight channels that is more accurate

Compared to the earlier edition, the actual hardware has also been given several improvements. In addition to a pulse oximeter and an improved built-in GPS positioning system, the Samsung Galaxy Watch GS3 comes equipped with a heart rate sensor that provides more precise readings and operates at a higher frequency. A number of additional sensors, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, air pressure sensor, and an ambient light sensor, are built into the device. There are more than one hundred distinct sports modes, including ten professional sports variants (dual-frequency positioning with support for the five major satellite constellations).

The business asserts that its technology, which utilizes artificial intelligence and includes both a frequency tracking algorithm and an AI heart rate algorithm, can provide more accurate tracking of the user’s heart rate than traditional wrist-based systems (aiming for 97 percent minimum accuracy). The most important thing to take away from this is that the sensor for monitoring your heart rate is a PPG sensor with eight channels. This should become quite clear when the intensity level of the exercise being performed is raised to a high level.

Some people also believe that sleep can provide very accurate information. In point of fact, because Honor Health 5.0 is integrated into the watch, it is able to provide over two hundred individual suggestions on different ways in which you might be able to improve the quality of your sleep.

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Before recharging, the battery has a good lifespan of fourteen days’ worth of use. If you have the GPS turned on, you may expect the battery to last for up to 30 hours. Shockingly, just five minutes on the charger is sufficient to supply the device with enough juice to last for a full day. If you want the battery to be able to hold its total capacity after it has been fully charged, it will take you close to an hour to charge a 451 mAh battery.

Smartwatches have been increasingly popular in recent years. You have the ability to install additional applications if you so want, thanks to the LiteOS operating system, which, in addition to the remote camera shutter and alarm that have already been pre-installed on the device, also allows you the option to do so. Users are also able to see notifications on their smartwatches, and the gadget offers a mechanism for rejecting incoming calls using predefined text messages. A built-in music storage space that’s capable of holding 4 gigabytes of content is another feature that deserves some attention.

Release date and pricing information for the Honor Watch GS3

It is hoped that consumers in Europe will soon be able to purchase the Honor Watch GS3 when it becomes available. The Smartwatch will be made available in a number of color variations, some of which will be Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, and Classic Gold. The price for one of these starts at 229 euros.

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