The Huawei Band 4 Pro includes a SpO2 sensor, GPS, and NFC connectivity

Not everything that was announced at Huawei’s conference today was related to the Nova 6 SE smartphones. Additionally, the company, which is based in China, launched the Band 4 Pro fitness tracker. It features a SpO2 sensor, GPS, and NFC all in one package.

 This wearable, which is an upgraded version of the Band 3 Pro, was introduced exactly one month after the Band 4. In contrast, the Band 4 Pro maintains a visual aesthetic that is not too dissimilar to that of its predecessor in terms of how things are organized.

The AMOLED touch-display maintains its previous dimensions of 0.95 inches in height and a resolution of 240 by 120 pixels across its entire surface. Underneath, there is a tactile button in the shape of a pill that can be used to browse the menus. The exterior of the tracker has a matte finish, and the case is made out of metal. Everything is fastened to what appears to be a very athletic-looking silicone strap.

The Band 4 Pro gives you the ability to customize your experience by providing you with 10 different watch faces and 100 different color dials to choose from. The latest iteration of the tracker features a 6-axis accelerator, an unattached PPG cardiotachometer, an infrared wear sensor, and built-in GPS, just like the version that came before it. In addition to all of this, the 2019 iteration comes equipped with a SpO2 sensor that can test the levels of oxygen in the blood as well as NFC for making payments on the move.

In addition to tracking one’s activity and amount of sleep, Huawei claims that its band can detect abnormal heartbeats with an accuracy rate of 95.5 percent. Through the use of the TruSleep 2.0 technology, it is able to recognize six of the most common sleep issues and provide more than 200 different solutions.

Additionally, Band 4 Pro supports 11 different sports modes. This encompasses activities such as jogging, spinning, cycling, and far more. Swimming is also included on this list as a result of the 5 ATM’s resistance to water. Because it has a built-in GPS, you won’t even need to take your phone with you on your runs through the great outdoors; you’ll still get all the information you need, including maps.

When the bracelet is within range of your smartphone, it is also capable of sending you notifications. Additional smart functionality includes reminders, control of music, the ability to locate the bracelet, and other features. NFC is able to support a variety of functions, including payments, travel, and pass-through functions.

When taking into account the technical specifications, the battery life is outstanding. Huawei claims that a single charge of the wristband will keep it operational for up to a week. This is assuming that the GPS is not being used, of course. The fitness band uses a straightforward approach to charging in order to make things straightforward. You may connect the tracker to a USB port directly by using the built-in USB-A port that is located inside the strap, much like you can do with the Band 4 fitness tracker. There is no requirement for cable.

The fitness band is available in several different color options, including ochre black, cherry pink gold, and whisper red. On December 12th, it will be available for purchase in China for a price of 399 CNY, which is around $55. You can already place your pre-orders.

This appears to be a reliable activity bracelet that can be purchased at a price that’s acceptable, so here’s hoping that it won’t be too long before it’s made available in other countries. It ought to give Xiaomi’s Mi Band 4 a run for its money, at the very least.

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