The In/Out 3.0 Tennis Line Call Device Offers Greater Precision than Previous Versions

The In/Out 3.0 Tennis Line Call Device Offers Greater Precision than Previous Versions

The portable tennis line call equipment manufactured by In/Out has been updated to its fourth generation. It provides a higher level of precision and a new camera and support for badminton and pickleball.

There are a variety of tennis accessories available for purchase, but the In/Out could be the most intriguing of them all. In contrast to anything else that is currently available, it makes automatic line calling during tennis play accessible to the general public. You will, in effect, be provided with your own “Hawkeye” system.

The device, which is similar to a GoPro, can be attached to the post of any tennis net in under a minute, and it can determine in real time on which side of the line the ball lands. This is made possible by the same algorithms responsible for keeping self-driving cars on the road.

When we put the product of the first generation through its paces, we discovered that it performed admirably. Due to the fact that there is a margin of error of up to 20-30mm, the product is not always ideal. The product’s video replay was, in our opinion, the most beneficial feature overall.

You get a split view of all the action thanks to the fact that there are two cameras filming in 1080p on both sides of the court. Ideal for use in the form-focused analysis. Statistics such as shot placement by zone are included, among other aspects. Both players’ percentages will be considered in the calculation.

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What’s new in In/Out version 3.0

Now, the young company has introduced In/Out 3.0, which is the fourth iteration of the product overall. It comes with a few updates that are of great use.

More accuracy

According to the business, the most recent version of In/out is significantly more accurate than previous iterations. It is hoped that by doing so, disagreements regarding line calls will become a thing of the past. In addition, like in the past, you are provided with a snapshot of the ball bounce as seen from the perspective of the line in order to analyze any calls that may have been made. An upcoming change to the device’s firmware will give it the ability even to detect foot issues.

An additional camera

In addition to the two cameras that record separately, In/Out 3.0 also has a third camera that records on the opposite side of the court.

It records videos at a wide angle, just like the ones you see at official matches, so that you may watch them afterward. Have a look at the example down here.

More sporting events were tracked

In addition to tennis, the company now lets you keep tabs on your pickleball game as an activity you participate in. The Chinese market now offers support for badminton, which is a relatively new sport.

The original generation of the device used hardware that was not particularly sturdy in and of itself. The second version of this boasts significant advancements in this regard. The third iteration maintains these enhancements and includes various optional hardware add-ons that provide additional protection and adapt to various environments. Additionally available are newer batteries and of a higher quality.

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In/Out 3.0: Instructions for Placing Orders and Pricing

You will be charged $275 to order the new In/Out. That is the cost of a single Net device, which may be used effectively to collect footage, conduct statistical analysis, and practice matches.

When playing in formal competitions, the manufacturer suggests purchasing two units at each end of the net. Choosing individual Line devices is one way to attain increased precision in one’s measurements.

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