The latest Nest Hub from Google includes contactless sleep tracking

The latest Nest Hub from Google includes contactless sleep tracking

Despite popular belief, Google is constantly working to improve its health and fitness services. Nest has officially released the second generation Nest Hub, which includes radar-like sleep tracking capabilities. This follows on the heels of Google Assistant’s new Fitness section, which was unveiled in January.

The Nest Hub 2 is the second version of the Nest Hub

The new and improved Google Nest Hub is now available for $100. A beveled glass face and speakers with 50% greater bass are among the hardware upgrades. Built-in motion sensors let you control music playback simply by waving your hand in front of the screen. Because Google has shifted some of the processing from the data center to the device, everything should be faster now.

The Nest Hub 2 is available in four different colors. There’s also a new mist, as well as chalk, charcoal, and sand. Everything is made of environmentally friendly recycled materials, according to the manufacturer.

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A new Fitness area has been added to Google Assistant

Sleep monitoring technology is the most intriguing aspect of the whole affair to us. It makes use of Google’s MotionSense technology. This is made possible by Soli, a low-energy radar that sits at the front of the gadget and allows it to follow your movements while you sleep. All you have to do is make sure the Nest Hub is pointed towards you on your bedside table.

The technology is quite sensitive. It can even tell whether you’re coughing or snoring. For a more complete view of your sleep, there are additional microphones, lights, and temperature sensors.

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Sleep Sense only records one individual due to the way it operates. If two people share a bed, the gadget will display a sleep and breathing pattern report for the individual who is nearest to the device in the morning. Simply say, “Hey Google, how did I sleep?” for a report. Data from the Nest Hub is also synced with your Google Fit account.

In 2021, the functionality will be available as a free preview. There is no camera on the smart display, and you can always turn it off. In the next few months, Google plans to combine Sleep Sense with Fitbit’s Fitness functions, according to the blog post.

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Google Assistant now has a new Fitness feature

The corporation is clearly stepping up its efforts in the area of health. The search giant launched a new Fitness section for Google Assistant in January of this year. This part replaces the Sleep section, which was introduced in November. As a result, sleep is now the sole statistic accessible.

But this is merely the beginning; you’ll soon be able to accomplish much more. Google teases that the Fitness section will allow you to display facts such as physical activity, nutrition, and more in the accompanying text. The goal is for this to become the control hub for displaying your health data on smart screens in the future.

A new Fitness area has been added to Google Assistant

All of the data is gathered from health and fitness equipment and displayed on smart screens that are compatible. A list of available devices is displayed by the virtual assistant. You can choose which of these will show the data ahead of time.

For the time being, the Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, and Lenovo Smart Clock are the only options available. The app’s settings are available, but they don’t do anything yet because the features haven’t been released. Everything with a Google Assistant smart display should be able to display the info soon.

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A new Fitness area has been added to Google Assistant

There’s also a Fitbit connectivity option available. More of the same is likely in the near future, as the duo recently announced the completion of the transaction. Fitbit is now a Google subsidiary.

Anyone who uses these smart screens will be able to see the information, according to Google. So remember that when enabling.

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