The Latest Self-lacing Smart Basketball Shoes from Nike Have Been Unveiled

The latest version of Nike’s self-lacing basketball shoes are ones that can be tightened with the touch of a button or a swipe of a mobile screen.

The latest Nike Adapt BB shoes are an updated version of the company’s HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers from 2016, and they were only unveiled yesterday at the company’s headquarters in New York. The second version makes use of a power lacing technology known as Fit Adapt. This system consists of a small motor and gear train that connects to cords and is used to tighten and loosen laces. The device is able to determine the level of strain required by the foot and adjust itself accordingly.

All of this may be adjusted via the Nike Adapt app or manually by pressing a couple of buttons located on the device’s outside. For instance, a player has the opportunity to adjust their footwear during timeouts and then readjust it before the game resumes. Even if you do a lot of different things, the system will remember the best settings for each one.

These will be Nike’s first smart sneakers, and they will be able to get updates to their firmware in the future. For instance, an upcoming innovation will give players the ability to choose the degree of tightness that is applied during warm-ups. Nike states that the sneakers do not now offer any data, but that functionality will be added in the near future.

The battery in the shoes has a capacity of 505 mAh and, depending on how often they are worn, can go between 10 and 20 days without needing to be recharged. Simply leaving them on the shoe-sized Qi-compatible pad for three hours will allow them to be refuelled.

The sneakers will be available for purchase for $350 and will begin shipping on February 17th 2019. Even though this is a somewhat high price tag, it is still significantly more affordable than the first model, which retailed for $720. Even though the company started out with basketball, Nike wants to use this technology in a lot of different sports in the future.

“The company collectively decided to pick basketball as the very first athletic activity for Nike Adapt purposefully because of the requirements that sportsmen put on their footwear,” said Eric Avar, VP Creative Director of Innovation for Nike, in a statement.

“During the course of a typical basketball game, the athlete’s foot changes,” and “the ability to rapidly alter your fit by easing your footwear to increase blood flow and then tightening again for effectiveness is a crucial feature that we genuinely think will improve the athlete’s experience,” the authors write. 

Puma is rumoured to be interested in pursuing the technology in the future as well. A limited run of 30 pairs of self-tightening sneakers that consumers will be able to manage via a smartphone app is going to be made available for purchase by a multinational firm based in Germany.

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