The latest software update for the Amazfit Stratos fixes GPS and heart rate issues

Firmware version has been distributed for testing purposes to those who are participating in the Amazfit Stratos beta platform. The latest update addresses concerns with GPS accuracy as well as heart rate tracking.

The information was initially shared in a dedicated Facebook group for Amazfit. The latest version of the software fixes a few issues that arose after installing updates version and version

There is a problem with the GPS sensor as one of them. Because numerous users have expressed dissatisfaction with the poor connection speeds, the process of connecting to the satellite signal will now go more quickly. In addition to this, the sensor should generate data that is more accurate while measuring distance.

The alternative solution involves the sensor that monitors the heart rate. With this version, the algorithm has been optimized to increase accuracy when used in high-intensity activities.

It is not yet apparent whether the update will provide more functionality or whether it will fix concerns about a short battery life.

At this time, beta testers are the only ones who have access to the Amazfit Stratos firmware version

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