The latest update for the Fitbit Ionic includes brand new watch faces and applications

Because of an update to its operating system, the Fitbit Ionic now enables users to perform additional actions.

The name of the firm, which has become virtually associated with wearable fitness trackers, introduced the world to its very first smartwatch back in October. The Iconic, on the other hand, gave the sense of being more of a fitness watch than a smartwatch. Amongst other things, it suffered greatly from a dearth of useful applications. Approximately a dozen different applications, such as Weather, Music, Strava, Starbucks, Pandora, Coach, Relax, Exercise, Music, Alarms, Timer/Stopwatch, and Today, came pre-installed on the gadget when it was sold in the United States. In several other nations, the lists were even more streamlined.

Following the installation of the latest software update, users get access to more than sixty newly developed applications (apps). In the realm of health and fitness, notable applications include Clue, Game Golf, Surfline, and Walgreens; in the realm of smart homes, Nest and Philips Hue Lights; in the realm of food and drink, Yelp; in the realm of news, Flipboard and The New York Times; and in the realm of travel, TripAdvisor, Uber, United Airlines, British Airways, and Lyft.

Some of them are already in stock, while others are expected to become available by the end of the year or in January of the following year. A native Leaderboard app has also been introduced by Fitbit. This app enables users to compare their fitness data against those of their friends and relatives.

In addition, there are three more watch faces, which are Levels, Threads, and Mountainscape. Furthermore, there are approximately one hundred clock faces. Users will also reap the benefits of some performance changes, and Fitbit Pay will be able to accept payments from a wider variety of banks and multiple cards. In addition, beginning in 2018, international customers will be able to benefit from Fitbit’s partnership with the music streaming service Deezer. However, similar to the situation in the United States with Pandora, international customers will be required to pay for a subscription to use the service.

Fitbit Labs is the name of the new early access testing programme that the San Francisco-based business is finally implementing. Here, the organization will investigate new concepts and evaluate candidates for prospective new features. The first two components of the programme are a fitness game called Fitbit Pet, which combines the elements of a virtual pet app with a fitness app, and a thinking speed test called Think Fast. There will soon be three additional apps available.

Overwhelmingly positive reviews have been given to the Ionic in relation to its industry-leading features that are focused on health and fitness, its long battery life, platform compatibility, and more. According to Michael Oakes, Vice President of Product at Fitbit, “With this update, we are delivering on our promise to enhance the smart experience with popular apps, intelligent clock faces, and additional motivating capabilities that help you meet your objectives.”

“This is just the beginning—paired with future updates to the Fitbit Operating System, we have an immensely engaged worldwide developer community anxious to continue bringing even more one-of-a-kind solutions to our users via the Fitbit App Gallery.”

One of the most significant problems with the Ionic wristwatch is that it does not come preloaded with any high-quality applications. This is one of the most common complaints about the product. Even though this update won’t definitely solve the issue, it will contribute to making the situation better.

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