The latest update for the Fitbit Versa includes both Active Zone Minutes and health reminders

Those who own a Fitbit Versa will be pleased to learn that a new software update known as Fitbit OS 4.2 is currently being distributed. This incorporates Active Zone Minutes and reminders to maintain healthy habits.

After the update, the operating system will be at version 4.2 (firmware version 71.6.19), up from 4.1.3. The last upgrade, which was published in June, mostly focused on fixing problems and addressing deficiencies. The most recent one comes with some additional features.

The Active Zone Minutes feature will be the most significant modification when the upgrade is implemented. They made their debut on the Charge 4, but will soon be available on the Ionic and other devices in the Versa family from Fitbit. This is distinct from Active Minutes in that you will receive a different reward based on the amount of time spent in each of the four heart rate zones.

Therefore, you will get one Active Zone Minute for every minute spent in the fat-burning zone, and you will earn two points for every minute spent in the aerobic or peak zones. When you utilise Active Minutes, which are accessible on the rest of Fitbit’s line of products, you gain an active minute by completing 10 minutes or more of sustained activity that ranges from moderate to strenuous.

The objective of each of them is to amass 150 points throughout the course of each and every week. All of this is for the purpose of assisting you in meeting the guidelines of the World Health Organization as well as the American Heart Association. They recommend that healthy persons engage in at least 150 minutes of activity per week at a moderate level or 75 minutes of activity per week at a strong intensity. It’s all about getting your heart rate up and staying active. The Fitbit app gives users the ability to change this target at any time.

Notifications pertaining to health and wellness 

The second significant improvement that comes with the Fitbit OS 4.2 update is an improvement to the reminders for your health and wellness. After you have the updated software installed and functioning, you may activate these features using the corresponding app on your smartphone. Simply get to “Health and Wellness Reminders” by tapping your profile photo, then your device image, and finally “Health and Wellness Reminders.”

You will only receive reminders to wash your hands three times a day if you do not have a premium membership to this app. Those that subscribe to the premium plan are provided with additional reminders.

In addition to the traditional bug patches, Version 4.2 of the os adds support for a total of six additional languages. These languages include Czech, Indonesian, Polish, Romanian, and Russian. Brazilian Portuguese is also included.

Because this is a gradual software deployment, the update should reach your device very soon if it has not done so. When it is available, the banner will appear in the Fitbit app for you to click on.

Even though the update was successfully deployed by the vast majority of users, there have been reports of a few problems. If you are encountering issues, you may want to read this article to learn about some potential solutions. Restarting the device or resetting it to factory settings will typically do the work.

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