The Latest Update to Google Fit Adds Breathing Exercises and Widgets for Your Home Screen

With the New Year’s resolution season quickly approaching, Google has released an updated version of its mobile app in the hopes of making achieving your health goals a little bit less difficult. New features coming to Google Fit include widgets for your home screen, an enhanced activity tracker, and respiratory exercises to help you relax.

The most recent adjustments were made following a significant overhaul in August, during which the tech giant abandoned counting steps in favour of other, better measurements. These were accumulated as Move Minutes and Heart Points, respectively. The first one monitors the total amount of time spent engaging in some form of physical exercise. The second one will give you benefits in order to make your heart pump harder. This includes getting double the credit for doing harder things like going for a run or walking your dog faster.

The most recent update to Google Fit makes it even simpler to utilize these newly added capabilities. Users are now able to add two additional widgets to the home screen thanks to the updated software. The information regarding the number of steps taken, calories burned, and miles travelled is displayed on the other one of them, while the first one displays the Move Minutes and Heart Points in a neat little octagon. In addition, the results of your most recent exercise will be shown on the first screen.

As part of the update, more complete exercise reports will be generated, which will include a GPS map. Additionally, the Journal tab will now have the opportunity to manually modify the volume of an exercise. Google has said that it wants to make sure you get the right number of points for the work you put in.

Last but not least, individuals who are looking for some way to de-stress may be relieved to learn that Google has included capabilities to help keep you calm. New functionality that can be found on Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Garmin wearables are coming to Wear OS in the form of a new feature that will coach you through breathing workouts.

This week, it is anticipated that the next update will begin rolling out to smartphones as well as Wear OS devices.

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