The latest version of TrueUP synchronizes physiological parameters across all Garmin devices

There have been some rumors floating around, but just last week, Garmin made the announcement that their Physio TrueUp program is real and operational. People with a Fenix 5 series watch, a Forerunner 935 or 645, a Vivoactive 3 or an Edge 1030 can now get the software update in Beta form.

So, what does this whole thing mean? It is the long-awaited answer to the problem of having to begin tracking your Firstbeat-powered physiological measurements from scratch every time you buy a new device. It basically lets the devices that are supported sync with one another. Garmin Connect plays the role of a messenger and ensures that everything is accurate.

You will now have a better picture of your current training status and fitness levels as a result of using Physio TrueUp’s services. As new activities are added from various devices and appear in the Activities menu, the totals for your running, cycling, and swimming distances will be updated.The actions recorded by your other devices will be used to bring your training status, training load, and VO2 Max up to date, as well as your recovery time. This update will sync your last 30 days of training history from Garmin Connect so that you won’t have to begin your workouts from the very beginning.

You will need to download and install the latest version of the program on your device in order to make use of the feature. The next step is to turn on TrueUp. You can do this by going to Settings on the device and choosing Physiological Metrics or by going to Garmin Connect Mobile and choosing Device Settings.

Since quite some time ago, a great number of users have been eagerly anticipating the release of this new feature. This must have been an enormous undertaking to accomplish for Garmin, considering the number of items they have on the market. According to Garmin, your activities that you record on one of your devices, even if it does not support this update, will still be delivered to your other devices that are compatible with Garmin Connect. Physio TrueUp: Recovery time is the sole statistic that needs both devices to be supported in order to be measured with Physio TrueUp.

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