The launch of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has been confirmed for the 31st of May, and new pictures and the user manual have been released

Now, at long last, we have the official confirmation. On May 31, the Shenzhen event hosted by the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi will see the unveiling of the Mi Band 3. This information has been provided by Senior Vice President Wang Xiang.

On the subject of the third generation of fitness bands, it is safe to say that there has been no shortage of speculation or leaks. Even Xiaomi posted a picture of the tracker on Twitter toward the end of the previous month.

Also, what’s more, During the month of April, the CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jen, was seen attending an event in China while carrying the brand new Xiaomi Black Shark smartphone. However, the picture also revealed a mystery fitness tracker that had not been seen before on his wrist. It is now known for certain that he did, in fact, have the Mi Band 3, as this has been verified. He had spent the last few months putting the tracker through its paces.

There is currently no concrete information regarding the pricing or the specifications that have been released. But a few more pictures of the soon-to-be-sold product and its instructions have been found.

Although it is not as extensive as some of the other options available, the Mi Band gets the fundamentals right and, thanks to its lightweight and stylish appearance, it looks nice enough to wear during the day, in the workplace, or even for an evening function. The new pictures show a design that is almost exactly the same as its predecessor. For example, it has a module that can be detached from the strap at any time.

The previous generation had restrictions on the quantity of data that could be displayed on the screen, making it difficult to get all the information you needed. It does not appear that this is still the situation at this time. The tracker of the third generation contains what appears to be a button for controlling the sensors along the bottom edge. It also has a display that is marginally more spacious than its predecessor. The OLED panel’s pixel resolution has been improved, and it can now show color and respond to touches.

It has also been speculated that the tracker would include an NFC module for making payments. However, it is not yet known which nations or payment systems the tracker will be compatible with. In order to get an IP67 rating for its water resistance, the band will be composed of stainless steel.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the next iteration of this device will be able to monitor the user’s heart rate continuously, as opposed to only when the user requests it. Despite the improvements, we expect to be blown away by the battery life, as well as, of course, the low price! After all, those were the primary selling factors for the Mi Band 2 product.

Additional information can be found in the user handbook. In spite of the fact that it is written in Chinese, it does include a number of sketches that represent the new smart band.

It is now extremely likely that the wait for Xiaomi’s newest wearable fitness tracker will be over within the next couple of days. And we simply can not wait for it any longer. An update is long overdue.

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