The long-awaited debut of the Xiaomi Wear app on the Apple Store has arrived

The long-awaited Xiaomi Wear software for iOS may now be downloaded via the Apple Store in some countries. At this time, the software is compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Watch Color only.

 When Xiaomi released the initial software update for the Mi Watch in early December, that’s when we found out about the app for the first time. The program is not yet available in all geographic areas at this time. However, it has been spotted in a few Apple Stores, including the one in China. It is just a question of time before it is made accessible in every location at this point.

The following is how the description is worded:

  • It is possible to connect smart wearable devices to Xiaomi Wear, which will then provide you with accurate sports data recording as well as sleep and health analysis for sports.
  • Create connections between a diverse range of high-tech wearable devices.
  • Support for a multitude of sports modes 
  • Support for sleep monitoring 
  • Support for opening bus cards 
  • Accurate recording of a variety of exercise data such as exercise steps 
  • Support for opening bus cards

As can be seen in the photographs that follow, the user interface of the app appears to be uncluttered and straightforward.

The startup initially sent Apple the first version of their product back in October, but it wasn’t until now that Apple gave their stamp of approval. To refresh your memory, the smartphone software for the Mi Watch was previously only accessible for Android phones, but it is now also available for iOS devices. Those who were using Apple phones were required to download the WearOS app in order to pair the accessories. Unfortunately, given that the iOS app presently only supports the Mi Watch Color, they will need to continue doing this for a little while longer.

In the interim, the Android software has undergone a number of modifications to accommodate user feedback. The most recent version available is 1.1.12. This version, in contrast to its iOS equivalent, is compatible with both the Mi Watch and the Mi Watch Color.

The announcement that Xiaomi has released its iOS app comes on the same day that the company is releasing its second software upgrade for the Mi Watch. This one enhances the watch by adding a function called Body Battery, which monitors your stress levels throughout the day, as well as breathing exercises and other features.

The Mi Watch has not yet been released on a global scale, and we will continue to wait for it. At the beginning of November, the product was introduced in China. On the other hand, Xiaomi made an announcement about the Mi Watch Color earlier this month at CES 2020. The circular timepiece shares the majority of its intelligence with the Mi Watch, excluding compatibility with eSIM cards. Additionally, you can only get it right now in the country of China.

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