The Major League Baseball has issued a punishment to a manager for wearing an Apple Watch during a game

One of the coaches for the Arizona Diamondbacks was issued a fine by Major League Baseball (MLB) when it was discovered that he was wearing an Apple Watch in the dugout during a National League Wild Card Game at Chase Field in Phoenix.

Major League Baseball has unquestionably demonstrated a willingness to eradicate any use of wearable technology while games are in progress. During a game that took place on October 4 against the Colorado Rockies, they observed Ariel Prieto sporting the smartwatch. As shown above, there are even images to prove it.

The Diamondbacks have stated that their manager was merely careless in their decision. This was verified by additional research, which also exonerated Prieto of any allegations of cheating.

The Major League Baseball organization said in a statement that it “forensically analyzed Mr. Prieto’s Apple Watch as well as his cell phone and questioned Mr. Prieto.”

“MLB found no evidence that Mr. Prieto used the Apple Watch or cell phone for any purpose in the dugout, nor any baseball-related communication on either device,” during Wednesday’s game. MLB also found no evidence that Mr. Prieto utilized the Apple Watch or cell phone for any purpose in the dugout. “

The simple fact that the coach was wearing a smartwatch was sufficient to result in a violation of the league’s rules, which resulted in the imposition of an undisclosed fine. The Arizona Diamondbacks squad is also in danger of receiving a fine. Officials from the league have stated that the money will be contributed to relief efforts in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

The statement went on to say that “despite these findings,” Mr. Prieto violated Major League Baseball’s on-field regulations by having this device in the dugout.

As a direct consequence of this, both Mr. Prieto and the D-backs have been assessed an unknown monetary penalty. The amount of the fines will, in turn, be donated by the Office of the Commissioner to the relief operations in Puerto Rico that are being conducted in response to the hurricane.

The punishments came roughly a month after the Boston Red Sox were fined for using a Fitbit to get an unfair advantage while the game was being played. It appeared that members of the team’s video staff had communicated the Yankees’ signals to the Red Sox dugout, where they were then relayed to the players on the field.

The Major League Baseball organization has a reputation for being reluctant to change. Nonetheless, beginning with the 2016 season, players have been given permission to utilize the Motus Baseball Sleeve and the Zephyr Bioharness monitor. On the other hand, it is strictly forbidden for players to have any kind of electronic communication device on their person when they are competing.

The league administrators have decided to expand the list of authorized wearables for this season by including the whoop strap. While some of these gadgets are designed to help with the avoidance of injuries, others provide coaches and trainers with an overall look at the performance of their athletes.

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