The Mi Watch Color is now available to buy in China; the following is a complete list of its specifications

After being the subject of numerous teasers and leaks, the Xiaomi Mi Watch Color can finally be purchased in China on the website The reasonably priced timepiece features a plethora of personalization choices in addition to offering reliable fitness monitoring capabilities.

This is the second smartwatch that Xiaomi has released. It is a continuation of the Mi Watch, which was introduced at the tail end of October and became available for purchase in China not long afterward. It appears from the few reviews that have been published so far that this product is a device that is above average. However, it operates on a modified version of Wear OS and has the appearance and feel of an Apple Watch. It supports eSIM cards, 4G LTE, near-field communication (NFC) for making payments on the fly, GPS, a voice assistant, and a multitude of fitness sensors.

However, now we have the Mi Watch Color, which does not look at all like the Apple Watch at all. According to what is displayed here, it is more analogous to the Amazfit GTR. To refresh your memory, the watch brand Amazfit is produced by Huami, which is situated in China. It should be noted that this is the same company that makes Xiaomi’s Mi Band.

The cheery and round clock appears to be aimed more toward younger shoppers and fashionistas than it does toward die-hard fans of fitness tracking technology. According to Xiaomi, there are 1,540 distinct customisation combinations available to pick from. You may accomplish this by selecting from one of 110 unique, customizable dials, two unique color bezels, and seven unique color straps. The quick-release strap ought to make it simple to interchange between the different bands.

Corning Gorilla Glass 3, a compact bezel made of stainless steel, and a 1.39-inch circular display with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels are included on the watch’s 47mm variant. The display is shielded by the watch’s thin casing, which measures 47mm in diameter. This device is equipped with the standard fitness tracking sensors such as an accelerometer, barometer, and heart rate monitor. There is also support for nine other Firstbeat measures, such as Vo2Max, Training Effect: Aerobic, Recovery Time Adviser, Calories Burned, All-Day Stress, Body Resources, Sleep Detection, Sleep Analysis, and Sleep Coach.

It is reported that the battery life is an impressive 14 days when the smartwatch is set to its regular mode. The time decreases to 22 hours when the GPS is turned on, from a maximum of 22 days when the basic mode is used.

The complete list of specifications for the 47mm version is included below. There have been rumblings that a 42mm variant, which is significantly smaller, may possibly be in the pipeline.

Dimensions 46.2 x 53.3 x 11.4mm
Screen size 1.39-inch
Screen resolution 454 x 454 pixel
Screen type AMOLED
Case material  Stainless steel
Colors Elegant Black and Fashion Silver
Straps size, material 20mm, silicone or leather
Physical buttons Two on the right-hand side
Battery 420mAh
Battery life up to 14 days when used in the standard watch mode, up to 22 days when used in the basic mode, and up to 22 hours when used in the outdoor sports mode.
Power rating 5V 0.5A
Water-resistance 5 ATM (down to depths of 50 meters)
Connectivity  BLE 5.0
Compatibility Android 4.4 / iOS 10.0 and above
Sensors A barometer, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a geomagnetic sensor, and a sensor for the ambient light all come standard.
Firstbeat metrics Vo2Max, Workout Effect: Aerobic, Recovery Time Advisor, Calorie Burned, A whole day stress, Body Resources, Sleep Detection, Sleeping Analysis, and Sleep Coach are some of the features that are included in this watch.
Number of sports 10 (including outdoor running, indoor running (treadmill running), trail running, climbing, outdoor cycling, elliptical training, outdoor walking, free training, indoor swimming, and open water swimming). The ability to swim both indoors and outdoors will be made available through a software update.
Price CNY 799 (around $115)

According to Qu Heng, who works for Xiaomi Ecological Chain, the watch is designed to bridge the gap between traditional fitness bands and fully functional smartwatches. He is really referring to a new category of smartwatches called “extended battery life smartwatches,” which are wearables that do not require frequent recharging and can be used for tracking fitness as well as day-to-day activities. Qu Heng says that a real smartwatch should come with an embedded eSIM so that it can work without the user’s smartphone.

Starting today, the Mi Watch Color can be purchased in China for the price of CNY 799, which is equivalent to approximately $115. The timepiece is now incompatible with Apple’s iOS operating system.

Even though it’s been around two months since it was first shown off, we’re still waiting for the Mi Watch to become available outside of China. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Xiaomi’s second smartwatch won’t take as long to distribute internationally this time around.

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