The MiFit 4.2.0 update for Mi Band 5 now includes REM sleep

MiFit version 4.2.0 was published earlier today for iOS and Android, and it includes REM sleep. Users are expecting that the new version will fix difficulties that have arisen in earlier versions.

Xiaomi’s health-tracking gear, Mi Fit, works with the Mi Band, scales, and a variety of Amazfit devices. The software has recently been updated to include REM sleep. For the time being, this feature has only been added to support Mi Band 5. REM sleep is not available in earlier versions of the fitness band.

The MiFit 4.2.0 update for Mi Band 5 now includes REM sleep.

Mi Band 5, which was just announced a few days ago, can detect irregular and infrequent sleep patterns, as well as REM sleep, using heart rate variability and breathing data. Users are also given advice on how to increase their kip time. This comes on top of other improvements including a larger 1.1-inch display, barometer, and more.

Problems with the app

Some users have experienced issues with the Mi Fit app in recent weeks. This all started following the May 27th release of version 4.1.1. This includes difficulties with inaccurate synchronisation of steps counted (not all steps would sync to the app), sleep tracking issues (incorrect figures or sleep not recording at all in the app), and continuous heart rate measurement issues. All of these issues come from a lack of synchronisation between the app and the wearable.

The change report for version 4.2.0 specifies problem fixes, so maybe these issues will be resolved with this newest upgrade. Some Android users have even resorted to version 4.1.0, the most recent software version that works properly for the vast majority of users.

If you choose this option, you’ll need to erase the current software from your smartphone and download the older version from sites like APKMirror. Alternatively, you might hope for the best and download 4.2.0 from the Google Play or Apple App Stores.

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