The Mission of Quotes Watch is To Infuse Our Everyday Lives with Words that Inspire

The Mission of Quotes Watch is To Infuse Our Everyday Lives with Words that Inspire

These days, one can find a wristwatch just about anywhere, to the point that it is getting increasingly challenging to think of something that can genuinely be classified as a novel. Watch, a global brand that had its beginnings in Brooklyn, New York, seems to be doing a pretty good job as compared to most of its competitors when it comes to distinguishing itself from the competitive landscape.

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Its new watch, called The Quotes Watch, is a device that is built on motivational memes and serves users with personalized quotes. These quotes can be retrieved from a database or from a variety of social media sites. In addition to that, it possesses a superb minimalist aesthetic, style filters, and fonts that may be customized. The item is a follow-up to the company’s Calendar Watch, which did very well in the marketplace.

Inspiring quotations and sayings are an important element of social culture, despite the fact that at first glance they may appear to be whimsical. How? Since the current political environment has earned memes a terrible name, Watch is of the opinion that donning a small piece of encouragement on your forearm might provide a similarly constructive purpose for young users. This is especially true considering that memes have been given a bad reputation. This is akin to employing memes as a weapon for the common good.

The quotations are displayed on the edge dot-matrix e-paper touchscreen of the wristwatch. From the companion app for iOS and Android smartphones, you can choose which categories are your favourites and also specify the frequency with which a quote displayed on the watch face should be updated. It is entirely up to you whether you want to do it once every 10 minutes or on a daily basis. Certain people you care about can also send you texts that will appear on your wristwatch directly.

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“We hope to convince the Kickstarter audience to not only support the initiative but also agree with the idea, so that together we can introduce inspirational, encouraging phrases into their everyday lives,” Take a look at what the CEO, Igor Basargin, said.

Following the completion of two extremely successful Kickstarter projects, we find ourselves in an ideal position to begin our third campaign and possess an excellent product with which to do it. We are quite enthusiastic about this project, and we have high hopes that other potential supporters will feel the same way.

The quote and the current time are both displayed on the default screen. Simply swipe to the left and right and you will be presented with the time only or the text-only, respectively, if you’ve already got enough motivation for each day. The Quotes Watch will come out in the fall, and there will be five different colours to choose from.

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