The Montblanc Summit 2 Plus is a Little Bit Bigger than its Predecessor and Now Includes LTE

The Summit 2 Plus is a 4G-enabled wristwatch that arrives in a form factor that is marginally more substantial than its non-LTE forerunner. This watch was announced by Montblanc.

It took some time to develop the latest version of the product. The luxury fashion manufacturer Montblanc Summit was first made available to the public in October of 2018. This was the first watch to have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor. The gadget has some pretty good features, like the usual fitness sensors, 1 gigabyte of random access memory (RAM), 8 gigabytes of onboard memory for apps and music, GPS, and NFC for making payments without touching the device.

This and much more are included in the upgraded edition.

The design of the watch, which consists of a rotating crown and two side keys, has essentially been left unchanged over the years. You are still provided with an AMOLED smartphone screen that is protected by a sapphire casing that is resistant to scratches. However, the screen on this model is 1.28 inches rather than 1.04 inches, which means that the casing size has increased to 43.5 millimeters from 42 millimeters.

This is done so that space may be made for the bigger battery (440mAH as opposed to 340mAH) that is essential for keeping the power-hungry variant operational throughout the day. If you switch to the low-power mode, this will increase to a total of 5 days.

The only detriment is a decreased resistance to water. IPX8 is the new standard, down from 5 ATM when it was first introduced. On paper, this indicates that it can survive being immersed at depths of up to one meter. In point of fact, you can wear it while you take a shower, but it’s not a smart option to go swimming with it on your wrist because of the risk of damaging it.

Users will now be able to make on-watch cell phone calls even when they are not connected to a smartphone thanks to the introduction of LTE. A new speaker has been developed in order to support the feature. In addition, users will be able to chat with one another, stream music, and do other things. In the U.S., this feature is offered through a partnership with Verizon, but in the U.K., it is offered by Vodafone.

The watch is available in a variety of finishes, comprising stainless steel, rose gold, bronze steel, and black carbon steel that has a diamond-like appearance. Its predecessor was pricey, and the current version is considerably more expensive than its predecessor was. Beginning in the month of April, consumers will be able to purchase the Montblanc Summit 2 plus for a price of $1,170.

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